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Tip Your Bartenders, Now More Than Ever!

18:12 April 09, 2020

Campari America is the liquor company behind not just Campari, but also SKYY Vodka, Wild Turkey, Bulldog Gin, and other such brands that your favorite bartender usually pours into your favorite drink. But now that bartenders are out of work and falling on hard times during the coronavirus crisis, Campari America has stepped up to help them with a $1 million donation to Another Round, Another Rally. Another Round is a non-profit that is raising money to assist out-of-work service industry employees, since the service industry is among the hardest-hit job sectors affected by COVID-19. The organization provides grants, scholarships, and emergency aid to hospitality workers facing financial difficulties.

In addition to donating themselves, Campari is raising the bar by also asking drinkers and other concerned Americans across the country to help out local bartenders even beyond their usual drinking establishments. In what they are calling the #AnotherRoundChallenge, Campari is encouraging people to tip their bartenders virtually on the Another Round, Another Rally website. This money will then go to help out bartenders trying to make ends meet when they can't get behind the bar to do so on their own. As a part of the challenge, those who donate are encouraged to post on Instagram with the Another Round Challenge hashtag to try to get their friends and followers to also throw in a tip.

Managing Director of Campari America Ugo Fiorenzo says that bartenders are such an asset to their industry, and now is the chance for people to pay them back for all the service that they provide.

In addition to supporting bartenders nationwide, the Wild Turkey folks in Kentucky, in cooperation with area government, plan to donate 25,000 liters of neutral grain spirits, which will then be used to manufacture hand sanitizer. This hand sanitizer will be distributed to healthcare workers who need it to continue treating the victims of the pandemic. Campari also recently donated 1 million euros ($1,092,537) to a public healthcare and research institution in Milan, Italy, with the goal of establishing an intensive care unit there for severely ill patients.

If you want to help out a bartender, you can donate at anotherroundanotherrally.org or classy.org/campaign/ARAR-tip-jar.

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