Steve Hatley

The Quaalords at Portside

19:20 June 13, 2022
By: Steve Hatley

The saying goes, "when life gives you lemons…" You now the rest. Saturday night's show at the Portside Lounge was supposed to feature Blood Clot, Duck Deluxe's band. Duck, of Residence fame, unfortunately had to cancel his appearance due to a sudden inner ear infection that left him wobbly at best, and unable to perform.

Instead of nixing the whole evening, the Quaalords, [Jeff Louviere (lead guitar, theremin), Lauren Owen (Drums), Makkie Ferguson (bass, electric violin), and Nathan Donolli (bass, guitar)] stepped up, cut the cover price in half, and played two sets. This New Orleans-based group plays original music influenced by 80s Giallo horror films that are guitar-heavy and have beat-driven instrumentals. The electric violin adds an eerie, cool vibe to their music. Some of their songs include Nosferotica, Big Fang, Torch Song for a Witch, and Blood Groove.

The Quaalords played their prepaid set and a second improv shorter set, aka, a glorified encore. I call it glorified as I was able to request a few tunes they didn't play in the main set. The New Orleans Syfy Horror Surf instrumental rockers enjoyed their extended time, and the audience was grateful to get some extra tunes.

The Portside Lounge is one of those neighborhood dive bars that you just have to experience. The Caribbean North Cocktail Lounge serves a wide variety of specialty drinks and hosts live music regularly. The club is small, so you really get to know the band. The Quaalords have played there a few times and as such, seemed right at home on the small stage. You can see more pictures here.

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