The Louisiana Hospitality Foundation Presents a Digital Gold Medal Chefs Week

15:00 September 24, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Directly from the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation (LHF) comes the announcement of this year's online iteration of Gold Medal Chefs Week. This event is a direct replacement for the in-person version that has been put on in years past, and it will run from September 27 through October 1. As a massive fundraiser for the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation, this online fundraiser will feature an assortment of ways to support the organization, ranging from silent auctions to direct purchases.

As a nonprofit entity, the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation thrives off of the generosity of its community as well as the success of the industry it directly supports. Seeing as how our hospitality industry has taken a massive blow in the past months and has seen little respite, the LHF needs the assistance of events like this. If you were a supporter of the LHF in the past through in-person donations or by auctioning at their galas, make a concerted effort to participate in Gold Medal Chefs Week this coming Sunday and next week.

Started in 2006 by a group of advocates in Louisiana's hospitality circle, the LHF provides direct support to the industry by providing access to education focused on specialties such as cuisine and food service. The organization has also been donating food and money to charities since its inception, so it is clear that it is deserving of the financial aid that it requests each year with events like this. Ideally, the online turnout will be large, and any losses the foundation may have suffered due to not being able to ask for help from usual sources can be rectified and put back into our community and charities.

Featuring items like dinner bundles and packages to famed New Orleans establishments, the Gold Medal Chefs Week online event is the LHF's mid-pandemic way of raising money to help ailing hospitality-based businesses without having to ask for money from those same struggling venues.

To learn more about the LHF's goals and Gold Medal Chefs Week, please visit their website HERE.

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