Tasty Terrifying Teas for a Happy Halloween

10:32 October 23, 2018
By: Bella Danzig

This past week, I was afforded the opportunity to boost my tea knowledge by trying out the specialty tea brand, DAVIDsTEA. In order to initiate the whole experience, I ordered a package that included a steeper and an assortment of three different types of tea: S'mores Chai, Cardamom Macchiato, and Pumpkin Chai.  

I am very impressed with how easy the tea maker is to operate: Simply add the loose tea of your choice, then hot water. However, DAVIDsTEA makes both hot and iced tea. There are also settings for the amount of tea you prefer at the time.

This set of tea flavors is a holiday selection from DAVIDsTEA and may only be available throughout these fall months. I would highly suggest this company on multiple accounts, but I specifically believe this holiday mix has a fascinating palette of flavors. The holiday teas that I received are (in sequence of favorite to least preferred): Pumpkin Chai (black tea), Cardamom Macchiato (white), and S'mores Chai (pu-erh). The S'mores Chai is my least favorite because it has a robust smoky flavor that seems to overpower the others, making it too smoky in iced form. The Cardamom Macchiato has more of a refined taste with a smoky fall finish. The Pumpkin Chai tea is my favorite tea because it has just the right balance of warmth, pumpkin, and sweetness. Each of them distinctly reminds me of fall.

I would suggest this tea steeper to most anyone, as it is entirely user-friendly and makes a simple process even simpler. Though I did not enjoy the Macchiato and S'mores flavors as much as I did the Pumpkin Chai, I would most definitely recommend this holiday arrangement for anyone looking for a warm cup of tea as the season cools down.

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