Sublime Boudoir Prances Into New Orleans

10:13 July 19, 2018
By: Staff

The art of burlesque is coming to New Orleans with the help of non-profit company Sublime Boudoir. Having brought its talents from all across the world, from Las Vegas to Amsterdam, the event plans to redefine and revitalize the art of burlesque. Sublime Boudoir describes itself as the “ultimate luxury immersive theater event” mixing together artistic performances, cuisine, floral design, and venue.  

Sublime Boudoir Prances Into New Orleans

For this event, Sublime Boudoir plans to bring its attendants to the Elysian Realm and acquaint them with characters such as Osiris, Thoth, and the Spirit of Anubis. Expect a wide variety of performances from a talented cast that includes aerialists, burlesque dancers, and a former member of Cirque du Soleil.

However, Sublime Boudoir will provide more than just a burlesque show. There will also be live music from London DJ duo The Roustabouts, interactive installation artists, sensory pleasures, and a horde of themed food and beverages. They also encourage those who come to dress up according to the theme.

Sublime Boudoir Prances Into New Orleans

The event will be held at The Lakefront Airport from July 27 to July 28. Tickets cost $99 per person and include entry along with complimentary food and beverage.

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