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Socially Distant Workouts: Online Exercise Classes

11:00 June 10, 2020
By: John Glover

As Phase Ones across different states have initiated gym reopenings, those reopenings have come with strings attached. For instance, many in-person group activities have yet to return to the gyms because they might complicate social distancing and because exercise is considered a higher-risk activity for spreading the virus.

While your friendly neighborhood gym may well be back up and running, your favorite classes could be nowhere to be found. If that's the case, then try looking online. A new article in The Wall Street Journal details some of the different options that are available via Zoom, that seemingly universal facetiming platform we all know and love.

They are as follows:

Class By Taryn Toomey Digital Studio

This option combines cardio with strength-training, achieving a kind of cross-fitness pastiche. For more information, visit digitalstudio.theclass.com.

The Sweat Spot

These virtual classes come courtesy of Ryan Heffington's dance studio in Silver Lake, CA. Their Instagram page features snapshots of different practicioners achieving uncomfortable-looking yet impressive yoga poses. For more information, visit instagram.com/thesweatspot.

Rumble TV

These workouts stream live. They feature a lively mixture of athletes, including boxers and mixed martial artists. People seeking a less conventional option might find this one attractive. For more information, visit doyourumble.com.

Broadway Bodies

Based on the title, you'd think it would be a dance class, right? Well, you'd be correct. It's a dance class for men and women alike. See broadwaybodies.com.

305 Fitness

This choice is perfect for beginners—dancers who are on the less-experienced and/or -coordinated sides who want to get down with it nonetheless. Go to their YouTube page at youtube.com/user/305fitness.

Ballet Beautiful

This option boasts a high degree of specialization and professionalization. For people looking for a relatively hardcore experience, the ballet route might be the way to go. They also offer private classes and the flexibility (pun intended) of customizable routines. See their page at balletbeautiful.com.

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