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Sazerac House Presents: Cocktail Week in New Orleans!

09:00 May 17, 2022
By: Gracie Wise

From June 20-26, the Sazerac House will host an enhanced guest experience featuring everything there is to know about the famous Sazerac Cocktail.

Regarded as the oldest cocktail in the world, the Sazerac Cocktail consists of five ingredients: 1) sugar; 2) Peychaud's Bitters; 3) Sazerac Rye Whiskey; 4) Herbsaint rinse; and 5) a lemon twist. Guests interested in the cocktail-making process will explore exhibits where they'll learn about the history behind the famous cocktail as well as the steps to making it. Each exhibit will have tasting samples of sugar cane sticks, bitters ingredients, rye whiskey, Herbsaint Bon Bons, lemonade, and the Sazerac Cocktail--the final product.

Furthermore, samples of Columbo Coffee Liqueur, poetry performances by Cubs the Poet, and pop-ups from New Orleans legends such as Sucré, Hansen's Sno-Bliz, and Creole Creamery will be available at the Sazerac House. Not only is this a cocktail-tasting experience but also a toast to everything that makes New Orleans awesome.

"We are honored to help to tell the story of New Orleans to visitors and residents each day through our signature tours, tastings, and traditions at the Sazerac House," assistant general manager Ashlee Mixson said.

The party doesn't stop at Sazerac House, however. The Sazerac House, along with the Sazerac Company and local performers, artists, and craftsmen will host a national network of special features that will benefit Feed the Second Line an organization that works to keep the culture bearers of New Orleans on its toes. Participating restaurants and bars around the city will also sell the cocktail, each dollar going to the organization.

Can't make it to Cocktail Week in person? No worries--there are plenty of ways to celebrate at home. First, you can join a complimentary virtual class where you can learn how to make your own Sazerac Cocktail (cocktail kits are available online for purchase). Next, Cha Wa lead vocalist Joseph Boudreaux Jr. also curated a special playlist on Spotify dedicated to Cocktail Week. You can listen to it anytime, anyplace while sipping a Sazerac Cocktail. There will also be a social media contest where you'll have a chance to win a piece of custom-beaded artwork. Finally, you can buy special merchandise made for the event.

If you want to learn more about the event, order a cocktail kit, sign up for a virtual tasting, or visit the Sazerac House, visit sazeraccocktailweek.com.

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