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Restaurant Week New Orleans to Promote Local Eateries

09:00 October 02, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

While Restaurant Week New Orleans is going on its 10th year of annual celebration now, it has never been so important to the lifestyle of those it celebrates. Restaurants are in need of all the support and publicity they can get, and Restaurant Week New Orleans is providing just that. Beginning on Monday, October 5, and running until the 11th, this annual celebration will see participating establishments get pre-prepared menus with special deals and multi-course meals for affordable prices.

Headed up by New Orleans's division of the Louisiana Restaurant Association, this promotional week will prove beneficial for eateries and customers alike. Many restaurants that are typically dine-in-fashioned are taking this opportunity to begin working on a takeout system to better accommodate customers who are taking extra health precautions. As the Louisiana Restaurant Association's first official widespread promotion since the start of the quarantine, Restaurant Week is not only an attempt at returning to normalcy, but a relief program of sorts to ameliorate the condition of ailing service establishments. While any eatery that has managed to stay successful this deep into the crisis will most likely continue on that trend, regardless of exterior support, it is reassuring to see organizations centered around New Orleans hospitality still circulating blood in the system.

There is currently a website available with a comprehensive list of all restaurants participating in the commemorative week, so if you find yourself eating out this week, then be sure to stop by one of these establishments and order off of the special menu. Considering that over 40 local restaurants are participating, you would be hard-pressed to say none of the options are to your liking, if you enjoy New Orleans cuisine in any capacity. You can view the relevant eateries—and get even more information on the purpose and mission of Restaurant Week New Orleans during a seemingly never-ending world-wide nightmare—by clicking

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