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Roots of Music Moves to Saint Peter Claver School in Historic Treme

07:00 June 12, 2023
By: Arielle Gonzales

The Roots of Music, a remarkable nonprofit organization dedicated to boosting the music education and mentorship of New Orleans youth, is proud to declare its move to the iconic Saint Peter Claver School in the Treme neighborhood. This relocation marks a new milestone in The Roots of Music's journey towards further enlargement of its reach and impact in the community.

Saint Peter Claver School, a historic school with a rich cultural heritage, presents a great location for The Roots of Music to proceed with its mission of nurturing talents, fostering creativity, and crafting a brighter tomorrow for the next set of musicians and leaders. The new location comes with improved facilities and resources, allowing The Roots of Music to spread its wings and serve more aspiring young musicians from underprivileged communities. With spacious rehearsal rooms and dedicated practice spaces, students will now have access to a motivating and supportive setting where they can sharpen their skills and explore their passion for music.

The Treme neighborhood, known for its deep musical roots and strong cultural traditions, serves as a remarkable backdrop for The Roots of Music's operations. The organization is thrilled to become a part of the community and collaborate with local artists, musicians, and organizations to promote New Orleans's rich musical heritage.

"We are thrilled about this move to Saint Peter Claver School in Treme," said Roots founder and Executive Director Derrick Tabb. "This will enable us to provide an even more enriching musical experience for our students and further our commitment to music education in the heart of New Orleans."

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