NOWFE Grand Tasting Pairs Wine with Food and Fundraising

09:54 April 07, 2019
By: Kathy Bradshaw and Gustavo Escanelle

What’s better than stuffing yourself silly on all kinds of delicious food, while sipping amazing wines from around the world? Doing so for a good cause! If the New Orleans Wine and Food Event (NOWFE) Grand Tasting has you feeling guiltily gluttonous about the calories you’re consuming or because your head is starting to swim ever-so-slightly, don’t. Remind yourself that even as you lose both your inhibitions and the ability to fit into your skinny jeans, you’re finding your inner philanthropist. Because as you refill your glass with sauvignon blanc from Justin Vineyards or grab another crawfish crepe from Gabrielle, you’re helping the folks at NOWFE, which is a non-profit organization, to raise money for culinary education. They just recently contributed $30,000 to the Culinary Arts program at Nunez Community College, so that students there can learn to cook the sorts of fabulous delicacies that you find at the Grand Tasting event—things like Superior Seafood’s brisket mac and cheese, Shaya’s house-curd salmon on rye, or DTB’s “Ponchatoula Scooter Crunch” dessert.

So, eat up! You’re doing both yourself and the hospitality industry a favor, and everybody wins. You eat, they learn, they cook, and you get to eat again. And so it continues: Eat. Repeat. It’s just a delicious circle.

As guests took advantage of all the fine edible and drinkable things at the Grand Tasting this weekend, live music from The Stooges Brass Band helped aid their digestion. And the smooth sounds of the Khris Royal Duo helped the wine go down just as smoothly.

But there was far more than just wine and food at the NOWFE event. For example, guests indulged their adult kid at the Baileys Treat Bar, where they could try a number of different Baileys flavors, such as salted caramel or strawberries and cream, and mix them with coffee, sprinkles, Oreo cookies, white chocolate chips, or marshmallows. There were even donut holes there, because you can’t beat donuts and coffee unless it’s donuts and coffee with Baileys. Also, people who like wine are likely to like wine-themed stuff! Butterduckie Designs was there to oblige, selling decorative cork holders, wine caddies, and cheese and wine boards.

NOWFE will be back again next year, so start saving your appetite now. You’ll need it.  

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