NOLA Wine "To-Go" Places

16:27 March 26, 2020
By: Emily Ahmad

Restaurants across New Orleans may only be offering pickup and delivery orders due to COVID-19, but that doesn't mean that we can't still enjoy their incredible wine menus. Check out this list below to see which popular spots are including beer and wine in their to-go options!

Bourbon House: Bourbon House is offering bottles of wine from their popular wine list for all to-go and delivery orders in the French Quarter. All bottles will be sold at or below retail prices, and customers who buy a case of wine will be gifted a bonus bottle of DB Cabernet Sauvignon. 504-522-0111

Cafe Degas: This French bistro's kitchen is staying open from 5pm-8pm, and is offering 50% off all bottles of wine for curbside pickup orders. 504-945-5635

Copper Vine: Copper Vine has established itself as a local favorite wine pub, and will continue to offer customers its entire global selection at a discounted prince. All beer and wine will be 50% off, and all food is 20% off. 504-208-9535

Doris Metropolitan New Orleans: This global steakhouse is famous for its impressive cellar, and is offering customers bottles from its selection at 50% off with pickup and delivery orders. 504-267-3500

GW Fins: A popular seafood destination, GW Fins is offering wines at half price available for curbside pickup. Pickup is available from 5 to 8 p.m. 504-581-3467

Herbsaint: This French and Italian inspired restaurant is offering diners selections from its refined wine list available for pickup and delivery orders. Customers interested in learning more about their discounted to-go wines can contact 504-524-4114

Lilette: Lilette has become a cult favorite for its classic French dining experience, of which its immaculate wines take center stage. The restaurant is continuing to offer all of its bottles to-go for a special discount at 25% off. 504-895-1636

Oak: Customers can still take advantage of Oak's extensive wine cellar, as the popular wine bar will be selling all of its bottles to-go at retail price. For more information, call Oak from 5-8 p.m. for a detailed list of their offerings. 504-302-1485

Paladar 511: This Marigny restaurant has assembled a limited to-go menu, which includes beer and wine selections sold at retail price. Pickup is available from 12 to 8 p.m. 504-509-6782

Ralph's on the Park: Ralph's is offering a 75% discount on wine bottles with to-go orders. This impressive discounted selection must be accompanied by a food order, and there is a two bottle limit per order. 504-488-1000

Saffron Nola: One of NOLA's best Indian spots, Saffron Nola is offering 40% off all wine bottles to-go. Act fast because supplies are limited! 504-323-2626

The Pelican Club: This award-winning Creole restaurant is offering discounted bottles of wine for all pickup and delivery orders. All bottles must be accompanied by a food order. 504-523-1504

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