New Orleans Jazz Museum Announces Newest Jazz Exhibit

07:00 April 05, 2024
By: Audrey Campisi

Jazz Museum's Exhibit of Early Jazz

The New Orleans Jazz Museum is thrilled to unveil its newest exhibit, Congo Square to the World: Early Jazz in New Orleans, which is opening to the public on Friday, April 11, 2024.

[Courtesy of New Orleans Jazz Museum's Website]

The immersive exhibition delves into the vibrant birthplace of jazz music, tracing its roots back to the heart of New Orleans. Visitors will embark on a journey through the history and evolution of the genre.

Congo Square to the World shines a light on legendary figures, and New Orleanians, who shaped this iconic sound. The exhibit will showcase the lives and legacies of trailblazing musicians like Buddy Bolden, Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Lizzie Miles, and Jelly Roll Morton

Through a captivating display of instruments, photographs, recordings, sheet music, and other artifacts from the museum's vast 30,000-piece collection, the exhibit offers a window into the ingenuity and innovation of these musical pioneers. Visitors will gain a profound appreciation for how these New Orleans greats not only left a mark on their local scene, but also revolutionized music around the world.

The Event

In celebration of the grand opening, the New Orleans Jazz Museum will host a special reception on Friday, April 11 from 6 to 8 p.m. on the museum's second floor.

The New Orleans Jazz Museum is not simply a museum, it is a vibrant hub celebrating the soul of New Orleans. Housed in the historic Old U.S. Mint, the museum offers a comprehensive look at the birth and evolution of jazz music. Beyond the exhibits, the museum offers live music, research facilities, and educational programs. The museum emphasizes the legacy of jazz by supporting and partnering with local artists and by also truly focusing on the New Orleans community.

To all music lovers, history enthusiasts, and cultural explorers, join the New Orleans Jazz Museum for the grand opening of Congo Square to the World: Early Jazz in New Orleans. Prepare for an unforgettable journey through the vibrant birthplace of jazz music, where you'll discover the rich history and dynamic evolution of this iconic genre. Support New Orleans' history and future alike and head over to the New Orleans Jazz Museum.

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