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Nancy Whang Headed Down The Rabbit Hole this May 6th

16:00 April 29, 2022
By: Owen Sears

Post Punk Partiers take heed! Nancy Whang of the Juan Maclean and LCD Soundsystem fame is set to perform May 6 at the newly opened club venue, The Rabbit Hole. Whang, a mainstay at DFA Records since their inception, has worked tirelessly throughout her career to establish herself as a highly sought after vocal talent and touring artist in the dance-punk and indie rock scenes. She's been the voice of several hit records including The Juan Maclean's chart topping single "Happy House," and her role in LCD Soundsystem was instrumental in making the band one of the decade's most electrifying live acts.

Of course, to those in the know, live bands are only half of the DFA Records equation. DJing has always played an equivalent role in making up the label's auditory aesthetic. As with many a musical virtuoso, Nancy Whang has worked ceaselessly to expand her capacity for musical expression, honing her skills as a DJ in the late night ambiance of after parties and special events. Despite this transition, she has kept her sound firmly rooted in the eclectic style she helped to define. Her live sets are reminiscent of the 1980s glory days of the discotheque, with sounds of proto-house, post punk, electro, and latin all fusing together to form a vivacious aura that differs significantly from the dizzying loops of her DJ contemporaries. Expect to hear dance party-friendly selections in the vein of Liquid Liquid, Deee-Lite, Nu Shooz, Annie, Sexual Harrassment, Frankie Knuckles, Kraftwerk, Lipps Inc., in addition to some of her own newest tracks.

Since its grand opening on New Year's Eve of this past year, The Rabbit Hole has continued to stand out as a burgeoning underground dance club in a city that is admittedly lacking in that department. Set to emulate the extravagance of the European discotheque, the club is equipped with a permanent VOID Acoustics Sound System and several staged habitats to unwind; such as a downstairs bar, an outdoor oasis, and a private space upstairs for exclusive events. While the clubs primary focus is on uplifting the NOLA DJ scene, it's also known to host many of New Orleans' local brass band and funk acts. The idea is to keep everyone welcomed and dancing!

Tickets for Nancy Whang's performance are on sale here, with additional information available on The Rabbit Hole website. Tickets are open to all people ages 21+, show starts at 11 p.m.

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