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Looking for Some Faubourg Beer? Use Beer Finder

15:00 April 29, 2021
By: Brando Mena

It has been a long run for Faubourg Brewing Co., New Orleans's oldest operating brewery. From its beginnings in 1907 on Tulane Avenue to its new location in New Orleans East, Faubourg has honored the heritage of the city while leading state-of-the-art innovation in its field. It survived two World Wars, 13 years of Prohibition, and Hurricane Katrina demolishing its first brewery in 2005.

Faubourg's latest cutting-edge innovation is its Beer Finder, an online tool for finding where on a map Faubourg beer is currently being served, whether it be retail, bars, and restaurants. At any given time, you can simply allow geolocation on Faubourg's site or insert your address into a search box and select search radius, product, and store type in order to find where the nearest Faubourg cans can be purchased. As I write this article, there are four locations selling Faubourg within 3 miles from me and 22 locations within 4 miles from me.

This is only the least of Faubourg's use of technical innovation to stay at the forefront of local brewing. Faubourg produces 166 12-oz cans of beer per minute using a unique brewing method where the fermentation is done in warmer temperature than other lagers in order to develop a more unique flavor with fruity tinges. It combines technology with tradition to keep the beer's quality consistent with computerized system controls in each stage of production, from the filtered water coming in to the cans of lager going out. In a separate lab, the brewery tests for uniformity in color, alcohol content, and overall quality. Only after lab approval does the beer come to its final trial, the taste test, before hitting the retail shelves.

In this new post-Hurricane Katrina era of its long history, Faubourg Brewing Co. has committed to making its community more unified for future generations. By renaming itself from its original name to Faubourg Brewing Co., it has embodied this commitment. "FO-burg" is a French word often used in New Orleans as meaning "neighborhood." It is the next step for Faubourg to not only serve beer to every corner of every community in New Orleans, but also to direct its customers to those different corners and help support those different communities.

Where is nearest can of Faubourg to you? Find out by using Beer Finder.

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