4 Questions with a Bartender: Tracy's & Parasol's

00:00 January 01, 1970

Tracy's Irish Bar and Restaurant and Parasol's are two well known Irish pubs along the St. Patrick's Day parade route in Uptown. Every year, each throw a raucous block party with the epicenter landing at Constance and Third. We talked to a bartender at Parasol's and a bartender at Tracy's to get the scoop on the St. Patrick Day celebration. 

How many people are you expecting?

Erin from Tracy's: "So many."

Matthew from Parasol's: "At least a thousand."

Have you worked this event before? What was it like?

Erin: "In a word, fun. And crazy" 

Matthew: "This is my fifth or sixth year and it's about as busy as it gets."

What are you doing to celebrate? What kind of drink specials are you doing?

Erin: "We make 4,000 jello shots, with grain alcohol, and they are really cheap. We have green bear. We have a big Telly promotion. We're going have NOLA Irish Stout which is really good, and we don't normally have it. And lots and lots of shots!"

Matthew: "We're closing off both Constance and Third, we're going to have bars outside to celebrate, we're going to pumping out a lot of music and drinks - all the drinks. We're going to have car bombs, green beer, lots and lots of Irish whiskey."

Do you have a tip to people who have never been to this event before?

Erin: "Be patient because its insane. And tomorrow, it's probably going to be really muddy, so you might want to wear mud boots."

Matthew: "Drink lots of water!"

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