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Jose Cuervo’s Give-Back Cocktail Program to Benefit New Orleans’ Son of a Saint

11:00 June 14, 2022
By: Tatum Arbogast

With the New Orleans summer heat sentencing us to many days spent indoors with the cool reprieve of air conditioning working in tandem with overused ceiling fans, nightlife in the Big Easy has become a much-needed social event… not that it ever hasn't been. Whether you're heading out for a quick drink with friends, or looking for a big night out on the town, what could possibly be better than good company, good spirits, and a warm, inviting atmosphere? Surprisingly enough, now, you can indulge in all these, while also giving back to a good cause. Jose Cuervo has announced their second annual Give-Back cocktail program, with proceeds benefitting New Orleans' nonprofit, Son of a Saint.

Cheers with Sonny's Margarita

In partnership with some of New Orleans' most notable bars and restaurants, the world's favorite tequila brand has handcrafted Sonny's Margarita, featuring Jose Cuervo Tradicional, and ready to order on your night out. From now until the end of the year, each order of the signature cocktail will have a portion of the proceeds benefitting Son of a Saint. Sonny's Margarita named after the founder of the nonprofit, was first introduced last year during Jose Cuervo's first annual Give-Back Program, with their generous donation of over $75K ultimately helping Son of a Saint to grow in support of over 200 mentees. This year, the donations from Sonny's Margarita could reach up to $50K with your help!

For the 2022 Give-Back Program, New Orleans' bars and restaurants that are participating in the initiative include Sofia Nola, Felipe's Mexican Taqueria, The Ruby Slipper Café, and Windsor Court Hotel. Each of these establishments will be offering the classic margarita - possibly with their own signature twist - until the end of the year. If you're not able to make it out to get Sonny's Margarita from one of these beloved New Orleans' joints, Jose Cuervo has made it so you can help from the comfort of your own home. For each bottle of Jose Cuervo's Tradicional purchased from a local liquor retailer, the company will donate an additional $1 to the cause, for up to 15,000 bottles. This means that Jose Cuervo's Give-Back Program could potentially reach a total of $115K in donations to Son of a Saint and the New Orleans community over the past two years.

Son of a Saint and their Mission

With his own experience of growing up after his father's passing in 1984 in mind, Bivian "Sonny" Lee founded Son of a Saint back in 2011 to help young boys like himself. Every year, Son of a Saint takes in a group of mentees, each 10-12 years old, who are lacking a father figure - either due to death or incarceration. These young boys are taken under the wing of Son of Saint mentors to help the boys grow in an emotionally supportive and constructive environment. Advising these men into young adulthood, Son of a Saint works passionately to graduate self-sufficient leaders with the desire to give back to their own community.

With deep admiration for Son of a Saint's work and mission, it's no surprise that Jose Cuervo has chosen this nonprofit for the last two years of their Give-Back Program. Until the end of the year, you can help Son of a Saint's mission, through Jose Cuervo, just by grabbing a margarita with some good company at one of the participating establishments. Happy drinking, and cheers to the 2022 Give-Back Program!

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