Hendrick's Gin Launches an Utterly Proper Pedaling Device

15:00 November 23, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Hendrick's Gin, self-titled as the "world's most unusual gin," is continuing its trend of eccentricity with a new release in the field of home-exercise equipment. You did read that correctly: This Scotland-based gin company is putting out a stationary bike for your exercise room or wherever you can find a place for such an item. It is not your standard mechanized and electronic workout bike, either—oh no, that would be far too simple. The Hendrick's High Wheel is a personal exercise device eerily reminiscent of the big-wheel bikes of days past, but rest assured, this product is entirely modern.

The latest entry in Hendrick's Gin's Department of Not-So-Convenient Technology, the Big Wheel is going to run you a rather hefty $2,493.11 alongside shipping costs, but if nothing else, it is an almost-guaranteed conversation-starter for any house guests you might have in the future. This fashionable-though-stationary ride comes with its very own square of lush grass inspired by the renowned beauty of Scottish turfs. You will also find a convenient one-liter drink holder and a stand upon which you can prop a novel or another form of enrichment.

Of special note is the stationary bike's attached lightbulb that illuminates in accordance with your pedaling effort. That and the complementary bell serve as the cherry on top of this quaint item. Hendrick's Gin is known for its unique flavors of the eponymous beverage, but on the side, they have something of a reputation for creating unusual items that are nothing if not at least comedic. From an intentionally whimsical and unreliable smart speaker to a streaming service that only shows you, well, literal streams of running water, Hendrick's Gin is at the forefront of inconvenient innovation. They encourage any parties interested in either their eccentricities or their ale to visit hendricksgin.com to keep themselves posted and entertained.

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