Jan 10 2019

Healthful Eat Fit NOLA King Cakes Hit Stores This January

By: Michelle Nicholson

For those of us sticking to healthy and clean diets, Twelfth Night can begin a time of woe. But this Carnival (aka king-cake) season, the founder of Ochsner Eat Fit, Molly Kimball, has paired with John Caluda of Caluda’s Cottage Catering to bring an all-natural, gluten-, grain-, and soy-free, low-carb, Keto-approved king cake to local retailers, such as Langensteins, Earthsavers, and Zuppardo’s. The 12-oz. mini bundt-style king cake boasts the look and texture of the traditional version while being delectably moist, like a pound cake.  For a complete list of locations, visit OchsnerEatFit.com.

Healthful Eat-Fit King Cakes Hit Stores This January


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