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Five Vegetarian Restaurants to Celebrate World Vegetarian Day October 1

09:00 October 01, 2020
By: Brittney Forbes

Fun Fact: Opting for a vegetarian diet can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There are a million reasons why going vegetarian is good for you, including lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and lower risk of chronic disease. Whether you're trying to opt for a meatless diet, add more veggies to your life, or just try something healthy and new, these five restaurants will cater to all of your green needs. And what better time to boost up your veggie intake than on World Vegetarian Day today?

Green Goddess

Right in the center of the Big Easy, Green Goddess stands for all vegetarian fans. Whether you like French, Thai, Cajun, or soul food, this restaurant has it all, for both vegetarians and vegans. They serve mimosa honey biscuits, citrus salads, and even a Creole falafel—which consists of red beans, fava bean falafels, pickles, tomatoes, greens, tahini, and dates. 307 Exchange Pl., (504) 301-3347,


Right in the name, you can already tell that this eatery is plant-based, organic, and delicious. Serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Seed offers some beautiful food, including cauliflower katsu, tofu nuggets, naan pizza, and banana sundaes. You can also indulge in an array of beers, wines, and bourbons. 1330 Prytania St., (504) 417-7333,

Max Well

Located Uptown near Audubon Park, this vegetarian restaurant promotes maximum wellness by using "dense whole foods in their raw form." Max Well serves a variety of small plates, entrees, and power bowls to satisfy your veggie dreams. Try their jackfruit jerk stuffed plantain (green plantains, jerk jackfruit, Jamaican rice, and peas) or any of their savory entrees, all of which are served with a seasonal green salad. 6101 Magazine St., (504) 301-0510,

1000 Figs

This very aesthetically pleasing restaurant is open to cater all of your veggie needs. Whether or not you and your gang are vegetarian, you can order hummus, baba ghanouj, tzatziki, and more, all served with fresh bread. You can even order either preserved lime kombucha or strawberry kombucha for $4. 3141 Ponce De Leon St. #1, (504) 301-0848,

The Daily Beet

The Daily Beet is an Instagram-worthy vegetarian eatery that you can't beat. They serve all-day breakfast and brunch, which includes morning bowls, acai bowls, breakfast tacos, and lox plates, at both their Girod Street and Magazine Street locations. A bonus? Their variety of bowls are served on a bed of greens—perfect for people who just can't get enough veggies. 3300 Magazine St., (504) 766-0377; 1000 Girod St., (504) 605-4413;

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