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Five Places to Appease Your Cravings on National Veggie Burger Day - June 5

16:00 June 03, 2022
By: Tatum Arbogast

It can be a tough world out there for your average vegetarian or vegan, especially in a city like New Orleans. Although, lean meats and fatty cuts make up a delectable portion of culinary repertoire of the Big Easy, the veggie side of New Orleans can be just as rewarding for the practiced vegan or vegetarian. In years past, Where Y'at has never failed to highlight the best tangy, salty, sweet - you name it - veggie dishes in New Orleans for the vegetarians, vegans, or plain and simple veggie lovers out there. With National Veggie Burger Day coming up this June 5, it seems like high time we take another deep dive into New Orleans' culinary scene. Here are five places to appease your veggie burger cravings this Sunday.


With two locations right down the street from one another, these Magazine sister houses contain a funky, eclectic atmosphere with delicious fresh food and fruit juices numbering down the breakfast and lunch menus. For National Veggie Burger Day, either of these joints has a special take on the classic black bean and veggie burger. With a toasted bun made fresh from scratch and smeared thick with roasted pepper spread, this burger is a vegetarian's dream. Pair it with some freshly squeezed fruit juice of your choice, and we're cooking.

Multiple locations, http://www.surreysnola.com/

Down the Hatch

Down the Hatch Bar & Grill can be found spicing up New Orleans' Lower Garden District. With a menu that bounces between fiery chicken wings, Mediterranean standouts, and a classic array of burgers, the kitchen has got you covered, and National Veggie Burger Day is no exception. This dish is made with a blend of fifteen hearty vegetables and paired with zesty sundried tomato basil for the side, making for an easy trip down the hatch.

1921 Sophie Wright Pl., 504-522-0909, https://www.downthehatchnola.com/

Junction NOLA

Surprisingly enough, this Bywater historic home with picturesque blue shutters houses over forty brews on tap and a selection of burgers that are a labor of love, including a delectable veggie option called the Florida Southern. Junction's version of the vegetarian classic is a tropical twist, with mango salsa topping their homemade black bean patty and roasted tomato aioli and melted pepper jack cheese spicing up the dish. If you're looking for a unique veggie burger for this Sunday, Junction might just be what you need.

3021 St. Claude Ave., 504-272-0205, http://www.junctionnola.com/

Sneaky Pickle

With a made-from-scratch vegetarian centered menu, Sneaky Pickle is a true ode to veggie lovers' cuisine. From the bright blue door to the ornate plates saturated with colorful vegetables, everything about this place is a vibrant masterpiece, and they aren't skimping on National Veggie Burger Day. This staple vegetarian dish is served here with your choice of a multigrain or classic veggie patty and a healthy spread of magenta smoked beet jam, making it an absolute must for our local vegetarians.

3200 Burgundy St., 504-218-5651, https://www.yousneakypickle.com/

Bearcat Café

To sum up our master list of veggie burger havens, Bearcat Café in Uptown New Orleans has always prided themselves on a vast menu to fit any dietary needs, and their black bean, beet, and mushroom burger would make a vegan's mot water. Served hot on a wheat bun with cashew ranch, avocado, and all your classic fixings, like crisp lettuce and juicy tomato, this will do more than satisfy your National Veggie Burger Cravings. You just might be coming by for seconds the next day.

2521 Jena St., 504-309-9011, https://uptown.bearcatcafe.com/

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