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Five New Orleans’ Spots to Get a Sweet Treat on National Donut Day - June 3

12:00 June 02, 2022
By: Tatum Arbogast

A long time ago, in a far-off land, a homely baker dusted some flour on their countertop and whipped up an ingenious idea for a tasty treat: deep fried dough, rolled around in a bowl of powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, sweet, runny glaze, or whatever else you might like. Over the years, this simple recipe has been passed from baker to baker and continent to continent, with each culture and country taking on their own version of what we now call donuts. Today, these hole-in-the-center, sweet treats have become enough of a staple to necessitate a National Donut Day on June 3, and here, in New Orleans, we're always ready to celebrate. While our city is typically known for the donut's powdery, pillowy cousin, the beignet, Where Y'at has never failed to share the Crescent City's best purely donut joints. Thankfully, this year isn't any different. Here are our top five picks for where to get the classic doughy treat for this National Donut Day.

Daddy's Donuts

If you're looking to start your National Donut Day off bright and early, Daddy's Donuts just might be the place for you. Just around the corner from where Elysian Fields Avenue meets Gentilly Boulevard, this donut shop is open from 6:00 a.m. till 11:00 a.m., and their best donuts go fast. The case is filled each morning with everything from classic strawberry and chocolate donuts to elaborate fresh, glazed twists, and with a mixed dozen going for only $8.00, Daddy's Donuts is hard to beat. 2051 Caton St., 504-283-3388,

The Buttermilk Drop

Located just a short drive from New Orleans' City Park, this mom-and-pop shop specializes in delicious, glazed donuts that are to die for, and, of course, their classic namesake: the buttermilk drop. This take on the sweet treat showcases round balls of fried buttermilk dough that are glazed to absolute perfection. While this is definitely a more simplistic option for this National Donut Day, there's no denying The Buttermilk Drop's sweet, sweet right to be on this list. 1781 N. Dorgenois St., 504-252-4538,

District Donuts

District Donuts offers a more modern twist to the classic sweet treat. With a main location on the bustling magazine street, this donut shop not only freshly makes the staple glazed, cinnamon and sugar, and chocolate-glazed donut options, but they also get creative with six rotating donut flavors each week. With elaborate fillings and crunchy toppings on these creative masterpieces, District Donuts is a great New Orleans' spot to indulge your cravings on National Donut Day. 5637 Magazine St., 504-313-1316,

Blue Dot Donuts

Open 6:00 a.m. till noon only five days a week, Blue Dot Donuts sells out fast for a reason. This little blue house posted up on Canal Street is an absolute must for National Donut Day, but you'll have to be quick if you want a taste of these sugary delights. Blue Dot has all the classic staple donut flavors and a few creative concoctions, like the banana-cream donut filled with decadent Nutella. Set your alarms early! You won't want to miss Blue Dot's Donuts. 4301 Canal St., 504-218-4866,

Gerald's Donuts

Just outside of the city of New Orleans, this combination diner and donut shop is known for its colorful, fresh donuts that are available around the clock. Open 24 hours a day, this is a great option to get your late-night fix on National Donut Day. Frosted to your liking, the melt in your mouth doughy treats really can't be missed, especially on June 3. Multiple Locations,

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