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Donut You Wish! Where to Get the Best Donuts in New Orleans

15:00 November 04, 2020
By: Steven Melendez

When you think of delicious fried dough in New Orleans, your first thought is likely of beignets, the white pillowy treats beloved by visitors to the French Quarter, City Park, and numerous other locations around the area. But they're not the only form of donut (or doughnut, if you're feeling fancy, rather than phonetic) around. Here are some of the local donut shops throughout greater New Orleans offering their own delicious blends of sugar, flour, and fat. Whether you prefer a Homer Simpson-style neon glazed offering or something a bit more subdued, you're likely to find it at one of these spots. And if you don't feel like trekking out to get your donuts, remember that many of these restaurants are available on food delivery apps.

Buttermilk Drop Bakery

Stop by this homey Treme spot, near where St. Bernard Avenue and Broad Street meet, to grab their namesake type of donut. Though it's shaped like the donut holes you might get from the big chains and eat by the fistful, just one of these is likely to be (more than) enough to satisfy. It's a big, delicious fried lump of sweet buttermilk dough with a gentle glaze on top. The bakery also offers other types of donuts, including classic jelly and cream-filled donuts, as well as coffee. 1781 N. Dorgenois St., (504)252-4538, buttermilkdrop.com

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District Donuts

District Donuts, with a handful of locations, including one on Magazine Street in the Garden District and one on Harrison Avenue in Lakeview, is a great place to stop in for classic donuts, including basic glazed and cinnamon options, as well as rotating, usually intriguing flavors of the day. It also offers a variety of classic and fancy coffee options, such as nitro cold brew coffee and Vietnamese iced coffee. If you're more in the mood for something savory, you can also grab a sack of cheeseburger, fried chicken, or even tofu sliders. District is also known for the donut croutons found in its salads, but call ahead or check the online menu to see if and when those are available during the coronavirus pandemic. Various Locations, districtdonuts.com

Blue Dot Donuts

You can't miss this bright blue building on Canal Street in Mid-City near the Carrollton Avenue shopping district. Its early hours—typically open only from 6 a.m. to noon—have made it a favorite of both ultra-late-night revelers and early-morning workers and joggers on their way to City Park. Blue Dot offers a good assortment of classic round donuts, as well as other options, such as its log-shaped maple bar, which tastes like deliciously sweet syrup. 4301 Canal St., (504) 218-4866, facebook.com/bluedotdonuts

Gerald's Donuts

As much of a diner as it is a donut shop, Gerald's was known before the coronavirus pandemic as a 24-hour hangout in St. Bernard Parish, just across the border from New Orleans. Feel free to grab a classic plate of eggs, bacon, and toast or a juicy hamburger with fries or onion rings. But if you're looking for something sweet instead or in addition, you can't go wrong with Gerald's blueberry donut, a big, heavy, sweet dose of what tastes like muffin dough, coated in a sweet but unobtrusive glaze. Various Locations, geraldsdonuts.com

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Tastee Donuts

Tastee Donuts, a local chain with locations around the New Orleans area (a handy one can be found at the corner of Esplanade Avenue and Broad Street), is a perfectly good spot to drop in for a donut or several. Many enjoy the simple old-fashioned donuts, but there are cream-filled and glazed offerings as well, if that's more your speed. And if you'd rather have your grease in a salty form, give their Kastleburgers—hamburger or cheeseburger sliders laden with sautéed onions on miniature buns, of the kind that you would find at Krystal or, yes, White Castle—a try. Various Locations, facebook.com/TasteeRestaurant

Chris's Cakes and Donuts

Grab a jelly-filled, glazed, or old-fashioned donut at this bustling shop in New Orleans East, located just down the street from the area's location of the Office of Motor Vehicles. And keep in mind that Chris's is also a full-service bakery, offering customized cakes made to order for birthdays and other occasions. Not only that, but it's also a restaurant offering an assortment of breakfast food, including greasy Southern staples such as eggs, sausage, and grits. 7030 Bullard Ave., (504) 218-5814, facebook.com/pages/category/Bakery/Chriss-Cakes-and-Donuts

City Donuts

Located amid the strip malls of Claiborne Avenue, this all-night spot offers a variety of sugary creations, from king cake donuts available all year long to almost comically enormous bear claws and glazed apple fritters. There are also breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available, also including many items of the fried persuasion. Day-old donuts, not yet stale, are often available by the sack at a steep discount. 3301 S. Claiborne Ave., (504) 619-9954, facebook.com/Citydonutscafe2019

Terrytown Cafe & Donuts

If your donut craving strikes you on the Westbank, don't despair: Terrytown Cafe & Donuts is open long hours with a mix of standard donuts and some specialty items, including a super-sweet "apple crumbler." The shop can get busy, but staff know how to keep the line moving. On a recent weekend visit, the parking lot was completely full, but savvy donut-lovers getting their sugary fix could briefly leave their cars at a less popular spot: the lot for a nearby exercise track. 2018 Carol Sue Ave., Terrytown, (504) 393-1323, terrytowncafe.net

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