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Five Indian Restaurants to Celebrate World Bollywood Day on September 24

09:00 September 23, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

The phrase "Bollywood," a portmanteau of Bombay and Hollywood, is indicative of the prolific Indian cinema scene. Though the actual geographical location is now commonly known as Mumbai, as opposed to Bombay, Bollywood has been an endearing catch-all term. Listed below are several Indian restaurants where you can celebrate Bollywood's commemorative day today.

1. Nirvana Indian Cuisine

Nirvana is a conveniently located Indian eatery with great food and decently late hours. The atmosphere is both bright and inspired, complete with a patio area as well as a comprehensive buffet filled with classic Indian food to whet any appetite. Nirvana has an impressive selection of naan breads, from plain to stuffed with lamb; plenty of meats cooked in the tandoor oven; and a whole slew of veggie options. Start with a samosa or lentil soup. 4308 Magazine St., (504) 894-9797, insidenirvana.com

2. Saffron NOLA

A classy and stylish establishment that serves Indian food with locally inspired twists, Saffron is a highly rated and centrally located Indian restaurant with a good bit of atmosphere. If you're looking to dress to the nines and get fancy for World Bollywood Day, then Saffron is the spot for you. As an Uptown restaurant, you can expect both delectable food and efficient service on any given visit. From an oyster bed roast to pork vindaloo, you're sure to find something you'll enjoy. 4128 Magazine St., (504) 323-2626, Saffronnola.com

3. Shyan's Kitchen

A laid-back dual-cuisine restaurant, Shyan's Kitchen is a cozy spot to pick up either Indian or Pakistani food in Metairie. As a fairly new establishment, Shyan's Kitchen is quite committed to their craft and is open to children. Their specialties are vegan and vegetarian food, but their cuisine is not based around those principles, so they also have plenty of meaty options on their menu. You can't go wrong with their chicken tikka masala. 3320 Houma Blvd., (504) 302-9901, Metairie, eatshyans.com

4. Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine

Another fairly casual establishment, Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine is also located in Metairie. With their main goal to keep their menu full of diversity with Indian cuisine from many different areas, this is a restaurant where you'd be hard-pressed to not find at least a few items you're fond of. They also are a vegetarian-friendly establishment but have a considerable number of options on the other end of that spectrum, such as lamb vindaloo or chicken korma. 923 Metairie Rd., (504) 836-6859, Metairie, tajnola.com

5. Turmeric Indian Cuisine

Wrapping up our list, we have Turmeric Indian Cuisine in Gretna. With their ratings high and their tagline simply "Best Indian food in New Orleans," you can both expect and receive great cuisine from this modern Indian restaurant. With savory dishes like a garlic-chicken lollipop, Turmeric Indian Cuisine prides itself in quality food and won't fail to deliver just that. They have a full bar and buffet in addition to the traditional restaurant. 1025 Westbank Expy., (504) 354-1422, Gretna, turmericnola.com

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