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Five Great Delis to Grab a Pickle on National Pickle Day

09:00 November 12, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

This November 14 is National Pickle Day, so there's no better time to get out and enjoy the classic pickled cucumber that's become a staple as both a standalone snack and as dressing on sandwiches. Besides picking up a simple prepackaged pickle from a grocery store or gas station, sandwich shops and delicatessens tend to be the best place to get the crunchy shrunken cucumber. Listed below are five such places where you can enjoy a pickle alongside other food items to celebrate National Pickle Day.

Favori Deli

An unassuming joint located on Maple Street, Favori Deli can whet and satisfy the appetite of anyone craving not only a good cold cut, but any variety of hot and cold delicacies, and of course, no shortage of pickles. Favori Deli is known for having somewhat classic dishes, with delicious and inventive seasonings or toppings that make them stand out among the crowd. 7507 Maple St., (504) 866-8140,


With great ratings online and convenient curbside pickup options, Cibo on Carrollton is an excellent way to satiate a hankering for deli cuts and meals, including our titular pickle. Specializing in Italian-American cuisine, Cibo offers all your deli favorites and beyond, from prosciutto to provolone, bagels to bruschetta. You can peruse their menu online until you find something that piques your interest and will almost certainly satisfy your palate as well. 1114 S. Carrollton Ave., (504) 592-7797,

Stein's Deli

Conveniently located on the perennially accessible Magazine Street is Stein's Deli. A unique and popular Jewish-Italian eatery, Stein's Deli has all the classic menu items of a deli that you would expect to see as the foundation of their menu, but of especial note is their inspired and varied specialty sandwiches that you can order, all with charming human names like Fernando and Kelly. 2207 Magazine St., (504) 527-0771,

Zara's Lil' Giant Supermarket & Po-Boys

In the familiar deli setting of a supermarket are Zara's well-loved counters serving full meals, cold cuts, and the like. Zara's is a small, locally owned supermarket with great in-house specials on their deli foods, as well as all-around fresh ingredients and easy ordering. And aside from pickles, they have full seafood and meat counters that have food made to order at your request. 4838 Prytania St., (504) 895-0581,

Empire State Delicatessen New Orleans

Last on this list of delis where you can enjoy a good sandwich with pickles is Empire State Delicatessen New Orleans. As the name tells you, this is an eatery that aims to bring a taste of the Big Apple to the Big Easy. With a variety of special sandwiches, including The Cuban and The Manhattan Project, both of which are delicious combos that involve pickles, Empire State has an extensive menu, and you cannot go wrong with anything you order. 447 St. Charles Ave., (504) 412-8326,

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