Fantasy Football Picks: Week 9
Nov 03 2016

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 9

By: Taylor Lust

A quick foreword for quarterbacks this week.  Be VERY careful playing Derek Carr.  Yes, he had an incredible week last week, throwing for 513 yards and four touchdowns against the Buccaneers.  But, let’s take a look at the numbers, shall we? The Buccaneers have given up the 7th most points to opposing quarterbacks this season, the 9th most passing yards per game, and have allowed the 6th highest average opponent quarterback rating.  Now, I understand it might be tempting to look at 513 yards and say, “Wow, that’s incredible, that’s a lot of yards!” But check this out.  Carr is going up against the Broncos this week.  The Broncos have allowed the following: the least amount of fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks per game, the lowest average opponent quarterback rating, and the least amount of passing yards per game.  I’m sure Derek Carr has plenty of potential, and I have plenty of faith in him, but not against the absolute brick wall that is the Denver secondary.  So just, be careful.  I’m not sure if he’ll be able to do even close to the same thing against the Broncos this week.

QBs to Play in Week 9:

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 9

  1. Sam Bradford, Minnesota Vikings (vs. Detroit Lions): Definitely worth a QB 2 look this week.  Bradford hasn’t really impressed this season, but he has thrown at least one touchdown in every game, and has surpassed 220 yards in every game except for one (week three against Carolina).  Against a Lions secondary that has allowed an average of 21 points to opposing quarterbacks per game this season, and has allowed an average opponent quarterback rating of 113, I’d expect Bradford to put up some acceptable numbers this week at home.
  2. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (@Cleveland Browns): Dak is quickly becoming a no-brainer pick this season.  He continuously impresses, and even with Tony Romo inching his way back towards the lineup, Prescott still remains the starter.  With Dez Bryant back in the lineup, Jason Witten coming out of the woodwork, and Cole Beasley still at the top of Prescott’s list, I’d expect the explosive rookie to continue his reign against a porous Browns secondary.
  3. Trevor Siemian, Denver Broncos (@Oakland Raiders): If my previous thoughts about Derek Carr and the Denver secondary play out, this means newly named team captain Trevor Siemian and the Broncos offense will have plenty of time on the field.  Against an Oakland secondary that has allowed an average of 18 points per game to opposing quarterbacks this season, I’d expect Siemian to be an excellent QB 2 choice.

RBs to Play in Week 9:

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 9

  1. Dujuan Harris, Mike Davis, Shaun Draughn, San Francisco 49ers (vs. New Orleans Saints): Any of them, granted Carlos Hyde is still out this week with an injury.  IF Hyde is still out, the depth chart, as of now, reads Harris to Davis to Draughn.  With Draughn in more of a pass-catching role, Harris and Davis would be excellent Flex and RB 2 choices.  The Saints run defense can’t get a hold of itself, and has allowed at least 18 points to opposing backs every game this season (save week two against the giants). Watch Hyde’s status, and if he’s still out, check out one of these guys.
  2. Terrence West, Baltimore Ravens (vs. Pittsburgh Steelers): Over the past two weeks, the Steelers have allowed an average of 36 points per game to opposing backs.  With a favorable matchup at home this week, and the fact that he’s coming off of a bye week, West is a seriously solid RB 2/Flex option this week. 
  3. Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans (@San Diego Chargers): Although Demarco Murray is most likely going to get the most touches this week, I think we’ve all been thoroughly impressed by Henry’s appearance in week eight.  I would highly advise picking him up for future use, not to mention the fact that with his impressive performance last week, he could still be given some looks at the goal line, especially since the Chargers have allowed a 60% scoring percentage this season in the red zone.

WRs to Play in Week 9:

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 9

  1. Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins (vs. New York Jets): The Jets secondary is lacking, big time.  They’ve allowed an average of 25 completions per game, as well as an average of 11 yards per completion.  Landry hasn’t been producing outstanding numbers, but has been solid at the very least, averaging 9 points per game over the last two weeks.  If you’re struggling to find a WR 2 or Flex option for this week, Landry might be the way to go.
  2. Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, Denver Broncos (@Oakland Raiders): Again, with the hopes that Derek Carr will get shut down, and the Broncos offense can enjoy field time, Thomas and Sanders are sharing pretty equal time on the field this season.  Siemian will be looking to step up after being named captain, and it’ll be easy against a Raiders secondary that has allowed an average of 23 fantasy points to opposing receivers this season.
  3. Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (vs. Atlanta Falcons): If you’re thinking of replacing him this week, don’t.  The Falcons have the most open pass defense this season, allowing the most completions per game and the most passing first downs per game, not to mention the highest red zone scoring percentage this season. The Winston-Evans connection should be better than ever this week.

TEs to Play in Week 9:

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 9

  1. Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings (vs. Detroit Lions): This week is extremely favorable for Rudolph, as he has a home game against a Lions defense that has allowed the most fantasy points to opposing tight ends per game (an average of 12).  Factoring in the Lions inability to stop the pass should provide an easy 8-12 point week for Rudolph.
  2. Lance Kendricks, L.A. Rams (vs. Carolina Panthers): While these obviously aren’t top picks for your TE spot, they should be considered if you can’t find anyone else.  With Kenny Britt and Tavon Austin the only real ones holding down the Rams’ receiving core, Kendricks comes in as an acceptable TE 2 or Flex option for this week, as the Panthers have allowed the second most points to opposing tight ends this season.
  3. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys (@Cleveland Browns): The Browns have allowed an average of 10 points per game to opposing tight ends this season.  Although Dez Bryant is back in the lineup, and Cole Beasley seems to be Dak’s favorite receiver at the moment, Witten seems to be rising up again, and if he’s going to explode I’d expect it to be against a secondary like the Browns.

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