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Everything You Didn't Know About the Trucking Industry

10:36 May 28, 2020
By: Staff

Mostly, we take for granted the services, products, and goods we access. We hardly recognize the commitment of trucking industry personnel for making it possible for us. The number of products transported by trucks is higher than those carried by other means of transport, such as aircraft, trains, and ships. The trucking industry is one of the most vital and significant industries in the transportation sector. It represents essential support to the economy of the nation. Let us look at some of the facts about the trucking industry that you probably are not aware of. They are:

1.Truck-Driving as a Profession

Truck-driving is a high-skilled occupation. Driving a truck is a profession like any other. However, the skills required are more than that of just any other occupation. The level of concentration and focus expected is high. Therefore, truck drivers need to be keen all the time. The job is quite demanding. Only a few people can handle the lifestyle and pressure demanded of the professional. The task can be complicated at first, but once you adapt, it becomes an exciting routine. If you are a born truck driver, you most likely enjoy the ride rather than viewing it as a stress. The seats have an ergonomic design to keep you fresh throughout the journey, as an added advantage.


Trucks weigh more than passenger vehicles, thereby posing a danger on highways. The weight makes it hard to stop the vehicle. In case of an accident, the other vehicles absorb the strain of the impact. One of the factors that contributes to truck accidents is the physical dimensions, which have a wide blind spot on the sides, making the other vehicles invisible to truck drivers. Most of the crashes happen in the junction areas. The length and weight of trucks explain why it is hard to make a turn at such locations. The accidents are severe, causing critical injuries. According to the experts at www.davidblackwelllaw.com/truck-accident-lawyer, you need the services of an experienced and knowledgeable accident attorney if you expect to battle with truck accidents. The attorney knows how to protect your rights for compensation in case you are involved in a truck crash.

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Many people wonder about how truck drivers get paid. You may be surprised to find out that the payment depends on the number of miles covered. It is vital to note that truck drivers are only allowed to drive for a maximum of 70 hours in eight days. So, the average miles traveled is around 3,000, at most. The wages are unpredictable, due to factors that include traffic jams, stops, and slowdowns on the road. Also, the payments vary from one truck driver to another. Some get paid by the mile, while others get paid on an hourly basis. Special consideration for truck drivers is made for those moving long-hauling vehicles with hazardous materials. Such drivers have high pay.

4.Smarter Driving Saves Fuel

In the recent past, trucking was one of the industries said to consume a lot of fuel. The high consumption of fuel is one factor that contributes to environmental pollution. The sulfur component in diesel is one major contributor to pollution. However, the technology offers a new way of processing diesel with less pollution. To consume less fuel, drivers can adhere to the following:

  • Accelerate at full throttle
  • Fill up at the lower-cost stations.
  • Take the shortest route.
  • Minimize speed.
  • Avoid unnecessary driving.
  • Invest in aerodynamics.

Policymakers and the trucking industry can do more than the mentioned ways to mitigate the growing use of fuel. Improving trucking fuel performance limits the number of carbon emissions to the environment.

5.Shortage of Drivers

The trucking industry struggles to keep up with the demand for drivers. In nearly every nation, more drivers are needed for freight services. Many factors contribute to this shortage. Online shopping has gained popularity, which means packages need to be delivered on time. However, the industry is struggling to keep up with the increased number of online customers. The other reason to explain the shortage is that most drivers retire at the age of 46, without a replacement. As pointed out earlier, the trucking industry is quite demanding. Most drivers quit before long and end up seeking jobs in other sectors.


Every day you see hundreds of trucks on the road. The large number is enough evidence of how vital the industry is to the economy. Despite the complexity, it is an integral part of the economy and one that is taken for granted. Without the trucking industry, we would experience food shortages. Manufacturing, banking, and fuel stations would shut down as well. The sector touches all operations, making it the backbone of any nation.

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