Enforcer And Warbringer Rock NOLA
Oct 17 2019

Enforcer And Warbringer Rock NOLA

By: Emily Hingle

Forty-one days: that's how long these guys had been on the road before they reached their fans in New Orleans at Southport Hall. These road warriors don't tire easily, and they put their all into this show. Hailing from sunny, cheerful California, Warbringer brought the pain. This thrashy, brutal outfit clobbered the few, but fanatic fans at Southport with a slew of songs from their several albums. Vocalist John Kevill would often thrust out his hand above the heads of the attendees, and beckon them to join him in his madness. He would instruct them to get into a frenzied state and mosh around, and some of them did follow those orders.

I wasn't expecting a band like Enforcer. Sometimes I liked to be surprised by the bands that I go see, so I did not listen to their music extensively before the show. This Swedish band formed in 2014, but you would swear they're from the 1980s by looking at them and hearing them. Perhaps they were dropped off here from a time-traveling Delorean. Singer/guitarist Olof Wikstrand's blonde locks were perfectly messy, shielding his face from us but allowing his incredible voice to come through. He had the amazing harsh operatic range of Rob Halford and the look of a young, less make-up'd Vince Neil. Guitarist Jonathan Nordwall looked just like Eddie Van Halen and would fall down to his knees, teetering on the edge of the stage, to show his fans exactly what he does to the guitar inches away from their faces. Interestingly, the bass was played by Chase Becker from Warbringer, so he was pulling double duty. He didn't have a scrap of exhaustion on him though. Quite honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a band have so much fun on stage as these guys.

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