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Drink, Drink, and Be Merry With the Sazerac House’s Virtual Tastings for the Holiday Season

15:00 November 13, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

The classy and charitable Sazerac House is continuing to give back to the community in various ways, including donating 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of their cocktail kits to the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation. You may remember their recent virtual fundraiser, involving taste-testing of many different alcoholic beverages and tutorials on how to make them, so this news should not come as much of a surprise. Sazerac House is continuing its (as of COVID-19) tradition of virtual Happy Hours and tastings, and they encourage anyone who enjoys a cocktail to give the livestream a try.

These special soirees are not just for viewing pleasure and salivating as you watch your favorite drinks just out of reach on your computer screen, though. Sazerac House's employees are also very knowledgeable and can offer not just mixology tips, but also interesting history lessons on the beverage at hand and the drinking world in general. For example, the next virtual tasting in the series, on Tuesday, November 17, will teach you how to mix a Bee's Knees cocktail, while also giving you some fascinating facts about Prohibition. Wednesday the 18th offers facts about whiskey and making a Whiskey Smash.

While their past Happy Hours have been cheerful enough in their own right, this next batch of virtual tastings for November have a touch of festive holiday spirit to them. They will also have a special addition, in the form of a Sazerac House-exclusive tutorial on making a small bar inside of your own home for the upcoming holidays. But if mixing a drink at home in front of your computer just doesn't seem like as much fun as watching your favorite bartender pour your favorite cocktail right in front of you, there is good news.

Although they will be limited in scope, Sazerac House is planning to begin hosting in-person events again come December. November's Happy Hours will be among the last of their events to be limited to a strict virtual format, so you can participate in them with the satisfaction and eagerness that comes with knowing that next month will allow you to finally sip on the cocktails you have been watching through a screen for so long now. You can read more about their upcoming events as well as view their smorgasbord of cocktails and creations at

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