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10 Cool Restaurants to Visit While in NOLA

07:00 May 29, 2024
By: Gabriella Bonura

New Orleans is home to some of the best foods, drinks, and overall dining atmosphere and experiences. There are many unique restaurants around New Orleans, whether that be for the exclusive menu items or just simply the intricate design and architecture.

This list filled with 10 of New Orleans' totally unique restaurants all have their own special characteristics that can't be found anywhere else.

10 Interesting New Orleans Restaurants

1. New Orleans Vampire Cafe

801 Royal St., (504) 581-0801


[New Orleans Vampire Cafe, nolavampirecafe.com]

Talk about an interesting dining experience. New Orleans Vampire Cafe is a bloody awesome vampire-inspired restaurant.

Grab a bite to eat, while washing it all down with a Blood Bag Cocktail or blood-themed drink. Know your blood type? Drink accordingly with their Type A+/-, Type B+/-, Type AB+/-, and Type O+/- cocktails.

2. Rampart Treehouse

740 N. Rampart St., (504) 444-7609


[Rampart Treehouse, Facebook]

Step into the mystical treehouse pizza bar, also known as Rampart Treehouse. This magical place has a giant "tree" inside with beautiful pink flowers hanging from it.

They serve mouthwatering pizzas by the slice or as a whole. Enjoy a slice of pizza while sitting under the tree for a truly enchanting experience.

3. Jack Rose

2031 St. Charles Ave., (504) 323-1500


[Jack Rose, Facebook]

Jack Rose is the definition of a restaurant with the perfect ambience. With eclectic artwork (and an iconic painting of Lil Wayne) on the emerald walls and plants hanging from the ceiling, the decor alone is enough to entice people, not to mention the food.

Jack Rose serves Italian specials like bucatini, rigatoni, fried chicken parmesan, and more.

4. Napoleon House

500 Chartres St., (504) 524-9752


[Napoleon House, napoleonhouse.com]

Napoleon House embraces the historical side of New Orleans through its old school decor. The wooden bar, old pictures hung across the paint-stripped walls, and palm courtyard all enhance the history of New Orleans.

They are especially well loved for their Creole cuisine. They serve Italian muffulettas, alligator sausage po-boys, seafood gumbo, and other Creole foods.

5. Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29

321 N. Peters, (504) 609-3811


[Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29, Facebook]

Close your eyes and enter into a Hawaiian oasis at Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29. This Hawaiian-themed, 21+ restaurant serves brunch, lunch, and dinner with a happy hour.

Everything is Hawaiian-themed, from the drinks in tiki cups to the food and even the decor. Check out their special drinks like the Puka Punch, Hawaii 504, and Hell in the Pacific.

6. Muriel's Jackson Square

801 Chartres St., (504) 568-1885


[Muriel's Jackson Square, Facebook]

Muriel's Jackson Square is a place filled with history (and ghosts). They have a seance lounge where you can go and relax and potentially meet their very own ghost, Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan.

He isn't the only spirit that dines alongside the customers. Eat at Muriel's and experience paranormal events that you just can't explain.

7. Chemin a la Mer

2 Canal St., (504) 434-5898


[Chemin a la Mer, Facebook]

On the fifth floor of the Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans, Chemin a la Mer is an upscale dining experience that has a decor and atmosphere that sets it apart.

It has a large open dining room filled with windows to catch a view of the Mississippi River. Not to mention, they also have outdoor dining to get an even better and more personal view.

8. Peacock Room

504 Tchoupitoulas St., (504) 324-3073


[Peacock Room, Facebook]

A beautifully elegant and peacock-themed bar and restaurant, the Peacock Room located inside the Kimpton Hotel Fontenot is a must try.

With walls painted a striking blue, ornate black and white floors, elegant chandeliers, and, of course, a peacock arched on a table, the decor is absolutely stunning. They serve small plates, snacks, entrees, and tons of drinks.

9. Mister Oso

601 Tchoupitoulas St., (504) 335-1740


[Mister Oso, Facebook]

Mister Oso serves Latin American foods like tacos, empanadas, ceviche, and more. Although many of their menu items are basic Latin American foods that can be found anywhere, there is one particular item that sticks out.

Mister Oso serves oyster tacos! You definitely can't find oyster tacos just anywhere, so go try them at Mister Oso.

10. Drip Affogato Bar NOLA

336 Camp St., (504) 309-3291


[Drip Affogato Bar NOLA, Facebook]

Drip Affogato Bar is quite the interesting "restaurant," serving sweet treats, cocktails, and drinks. This definitely isn't a typical restaurant that serves traditional food.

Their menu is filled with desserts like coconut cake, cotton candy, tipsy cheesecake, gelato, and more. They also have an extensive list of speciality cocktails and mocktails.

Exclusive New Orleans Dining

Hopefully, this list encourages you to try more unconventional and unique restaurants in New Orleans. The atmosphere, along with a good menu, truly make or break a restaurant. There are so many other fun restaurants and bars around New Orleans, with lots of unique restaurants are nestled deep inside hotels or the French Quarter. Make sure to give them all a try!

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