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Celebrate Halloween With a Shrunken Skull at The Sazerac House

15:00 October 20, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

The Sazerac House is no stranger to celebrations, but even soirée savvies have found roadblocks in the past months due to the country's health crisis. That said, The Sazerac House is not letting a lack of physical rendezvous put their Halloween celebrations six feet under. With their Shrunken Skull event taking place this October 28 at 5 p.m., they are opening virtual doors for any and all interested guests for a special cocktail-focused livestream. The eponymous Shrunken Skull cocktail's creation will be performed step-by-step, and it is worth noting that the entire event is free of charge.

Take care to remember that you must sign up using the link HERE if you wish to participate online. Space is limited to 50 participants, so make it a point to sign up promptly if the event has piqued your interest. Also of note is their concurrent sale of cocktail-mixing kits that you may pre-order on their website for pickup during the event. A respectable 10 percent of any and all proceeds made off of these kits will be donated to the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation, so this is a prime opportunity to both quench your thirst and give back to the community. Keep in mind that the kits cannot legally be shipped and must be picked up on-site.

While it is unfortunate that events like these must still be held online, it is a good sign that they continue to happen at all. Every facet of the hospitality industry has been or is still in dire straits due to the quarantine, and seeing a member of that industry not only continue operation but directly donate a sizable chunk of its proceeds is nothing short of heartwarming. If you have a taste for liquor in the coming days or want to enjoy a fun livestream, be sure to participate in The Sazerac House's Shrunken Skull event this October 28.

You can learn more about The Sazerac House as well as the event itself HERE.

The Sazerac House: 101 Magazine St., (504) 910-0100,

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