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Best Bakeries in New Orleans | Top New Orleans Bakeries

07:00 July 07, 2023
By: Kaitlin Lowe

While there may be an overwhelming amount of options for delicious meals throughout New Orleans, not many of us can resist craving something sweet. We know that ice cream in New Orleans is always an option, but often those winter months call for something warmer or fluffier.

With tricky measurements and lots of time, baking is a skill not everyone has mastered. And while every New Orleanian loves their beignets, the city has many more treats to offer. That said, we suggest you check out some of the best bakeries around the city whether you're looking to indulge on cupcakes, cookies, freshly baked bread, or scones.

Top 10 Bakeries in New Orleans

1. Haydel's Bakery

4037 Jefferson Highway,

[Haydel's Bakery, Website]

Haydel's Bakery has been serving sweets to New Orleanians for over three generations. With the time and effort put into their cakes and other various treats over the years, it's no wonder their baked goods are so delectable.

The custom made wedding cakes at Haydel's are both delicious and beautiful, not to mention their silly "groom cakes." However the star at Haydel's is King Cake—as they ship thousands of Mardi Gras King Cake orders out over the weekend. Contact Haydel's to have them create a specialty cake for any special occasion. Their specialties further include their fresh made pastries and petit fours.

2. La Boulangerie

4600 Magazine St.,

[La Boulangerie, Website]

La Boulangerie is truly the gem of Magazine Street. While the spot has plenty of meal options like sandwiches and salads, their baked goods are the star of the show. Their fresh baked bread including focaccia, ciabatta, and challah on Fridays, are to die for.

Their pastries are hard to miss out on once you walk up to the counter. After all, how could one resist a ham and cheese stuffed pretzel or cinnamon walnut churro? Regardless of your choice in pastry or bread, la boulangerie will satisfy your tastebuds.

3. Gracious Bakery

Multiple Locations,

[Gracious Bakery Oreo Cake, Website]

Gracious Bakery and Cafe is an artisan bakery that serves up coffee, baked goods, freshly baked breads, breakfast, and lunch. Their laminated french pastries, hand shaped breads, and creative desserts can not be beat. The secret behind Gracious Bakery's baked goodness is its high quality ingredients that include Plugra butter and King Arthur flour.

All of their products are made from scratch, in house and baked daily. You can order a beautiful, scrumptious cake or pie for your next special occasion, with personalizations available. The Oreo cake is especially yummy.

4. Maurice's French Pastries

3501 Hessmer Ave, Metairie,

[Maurice's French Pastries, Facebook]

Maurice French Pastries' specialty cakes will leave you jaw dropped. Maurice's offers such extravagant and beautiful cakes for any and all occasions. When ordering a special cake, you can also customize your filling.

In addition to specialty cakes, Maurice offers many french pastries such as cheesecakes, baklava, chocolate decadence, and cannolis. They also offer seasonal delicacies such as custards and meringues. At Maurice's you really can't go wrong with any of their baked goods.

5. Adrien's Bakery

4710 Paris Ave,

[Adrien's Bakery, Facebook]

Adrien's bakery is a fantastic place for anybody with a sweet tooth. Their custom made cakes are impressive to say the least. They truly outdo themselves with their attention to detail. With anything from king cakes to buttermilk drops and praline covered cupcakes, this bakery is a New Orleanian''s heaven. If you want something sweet on the lighter side, you can try out some of their fruit bouquets or chocolate covered strawberries as well.

6. Angelo Brocato

214 N Carrollton Ave,

[Angelo Brocato, Website]

Angelo Brocato brings 100 years of tradition to the table, as well as perfected gelato, ice cream, and pastries. Their specialty cannolis and biscotti's are unlike any other, as they deliver the best of Italian baking right here in New Orleans. They offer colorful and flavorful specialty gelato served on plates. One of their options includes their Spumoni, a sliced wedge of tutti frutti, lemon and pistachio almond gelato, topped with sweet almond whipped cream. Try out their "Baked Alaska", which is vanilla gelato encased in white cake. Yum!

7. Ayu Bakehouse

801 Frenchman St.,

[Ayu Bakehouse, Website]

Ayu bakehouse, located on Frenchman Street, is a modern New Orleans bakery that delivers local flavor through a baker's lens. Some of their sweet pastries include chocolate babka knots and kaya buns—while their savory options include parm and chive biscuits, boudin boys, and muffaletta breadsticks. Their menu also extends into freshly baked breads, cookies, coffees, and more. You can also enjoy a quick breakfast or lunch at Ayu's bakehouse with options like frittatas and scrambled egg and cheese rolls.

8. Bywater Bakery

3624 Dauphine St.,

[Bywater Bakery, Facebook]

Nestled in the Bywater, Bywater Bakery is a homie community establishment that provides comfort food for New Orleans. At this bakery you can pick up a gorgeous cake for a special celebration, grab a coffee or pastry while out for a stroll, or go out for a delicious breakfast or lunch. Their stuffed pistolette or croque-madame hit the spot. For breakfast, indulge in a fun meal like breakfast gumbo or yaka mein.

Their cake slices are delicious with flavors like chocolate peanut butter and coconut cream. Bywater Bakery is famous in the neighborhood for their bagel fridays: where they serve their hand rolled in house bagels with lox and schmears.

9. Croissant D'or Pâtisserie

[Croissant D'or Patisserie, Facebook]

617 Ursulines Ave,

Croissant D'or Pâtisserie is a beautiful French bakery located in the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter. Their gorgeous stained glass walls paired with their danishes and croissants will transport you to the streets of Paris. Their Africaine Charlotte Cake is a classic favorite, with chocolate and vanilla mousse topped with a white chocolate ganache.

Stop by for a delicious breakfast with options ranging from Quiche Lorraine, to a ratatouille omelet, to brioche french toast. Their special menu items range from crepes, to savory croissant sandwiches, to french onion soup.

10. Maple Street Patisserie

7638 Maple St.,

[Maple Street Patisserie, Website]

Master Baker and Master Pastry Chef Ziggy Cichowski and Executive Chef Patricia-Ann Donohue were inspired to open their bakery Maple Street Patisserie due to their love of handcrafted European baked goods. They had a goal of their baked goods and breads transporting you to another time or place, as the creations they serve are created with their experiences of culinary studies throughout Europe.

Everything from their croissants, decadent cakes, and muffins are made with the utmost love and care. A savory sandwich made on their in house fresh made french baguette can not be beat.

More New Orleans' Sweets

Every bakery on this list will bring you back for more and more sweet treats. These bakeries allow you to seemingly eat around the world as you adventure into the delicate flavors and sweetness of Europe. However, if your looking for a "cooler" you could always indulge in the best snowballs around the city.

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