Ada Lovelace Woman of the Year in NOLATech

05:30 October 07, 2015
By: Kathy Bradshaw

Award Winners Announced

Congratulations are in order for the winners of the 2015 Ada Lovelace Woman of the Year in NOLATech award.  The prestigious honor went to Crystal McDonald, co-founder & CEO at GoToInterview, a New Orleans-based startup company which produces video job interviews for hiring companies.  Runners up were Ashley Guidry, who really is a rocket scientist (working with Boeing and NASA), and Staacy Cannon, founder of Grok + Banter, a company which “intuitively deciphers the offline world through connected devices and distributed data”.

The winners were selected from a pool of 24 exceptional women, nominated by the community and their peers for making outstanding contributions in the field of technology.

Named after Ada Lovelace-- a mathematician in the 1800’s who was considered by many to be the world’s first computer programmer--the award is meant to help draw much-deserved attention to women and minorities in technical fields.  Despite the prevalence of talent displayed by so many women in technology—and in New Orleans in particular, this is still very much a male-dominated field.  Something that the award’s sponsor, LookFar (a local hybrid software development/accelerator company) hopes to change.  They want to call upon all their technological resources, especially women, to increase opportunities for, and representation by, women in these fields.

The award ceremony and celebration, held Tuesday night at the LookFar office, corresponds with New Orleans’ Tech Week this week.  The winner was presented with a custom trophy made by a local artist. 

In true technological fashion, the winner, Ms. McDonald, was off-site in California and accepted the award via Skype.  She was excited and flattered to be selected from so many noteworthy women.   “I am honored to be on this journey with a group of such amazing and bold women,” she said.  In the spirit of encouraging continued technological accomplishments by women everywhere, Ms. McDonald ended by saying, “Let’s go get it!”


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