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What’s Shakin’, Bacon? Celebrate National Bacon Day December 30

09:00 December 26, 2020
By: Brhea Washington

Bacon-lovers are in for a treat as one of the best days of the year has arrived: National Bacon Day on December 30! Bacon is delicious at all hours of the day, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, a late-night snack and, thanks to candied bacon, even dessert. According to bacontoday.com, (yes, a real website) bacon has been around for centuries, beginning in China around 1500 B.C., when pork bellies were first preserved and salted. In modern times, bacon that many have come to know and love is still made the same way: as a cut of pork belly that undergoes a curing process to salt it and is later smoked for maximum flavor. Bacon is also known to enhance many dishes and flavors. Why? According to recipes.howstuffworks.com, bacon hits many flavor receptors on the tongue at once because it can be sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, and savory all at once. To celebrate all things bacon, here is a list of five spots to enjoy some of the best bacon New Orleans has to offer for National Bacon Day on December 30.

Bearcat Café

With one location in the CBD and another Uptown, Bearcat Café is serving many in New Orleans with delicious breakfast, brunch, and dinner. Their Bearcat Breakfast plate includes eggs, crisp potatoes, a choice of bacon or bison sausage, and an option to add regular, gluten-free, or vegan pancakes. Enjoy the crispy bacon included on their breakfast club or biscuit sandwich, or add extra sides of bacon for the bacon-lovers who need even more of its salty-sweet goodness. Bearcat Café also has a catering menu to treat family, friends, co-workers, or anyone else to a great and satisfying breakfast, with a choice of half or whole pans of tasty bacon. 2521 Jena St., (504) 309-9011, bearcatcafe.com

Panola Street Café

Open seven days a week, Panola Street Café is known for its hearty American breakfast. Their Uptown Breakfast Plate includes two eggs any style, served with a choice of potatoes or grits, toast or homemade biscuit, and Applewood smoked bacon or sausage. Canadian-bacon-lovers can enjoy Panola Street Café's egg sandwich, while omelet-lovers will love Panola's Southern omelet with Applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, and tomatoes. For those with a lunchtime bacon craving, try Panola's salads or sandwiches, such as the BLT, or add bacon to The Panola Burger, with tasty seasoning dressed on a seeded Leidenheimer French bun. 7801 Panola St., (504) 314-1810, panolastreetcafe.com


This eclectic café and juice bar has two great locations on Magazine Street. Surrey's, New Orleans's oldest organic juice bar, has great drink pairings to accompany their breakfast and lunch menus. Start the day or have an afternoon pick-me-up with Surrey's shrimp and grits, a New Orleans favorite that Surrey's garnishes with bacon. Or try their egg plate, with a choice of bacon, ham, or sausage; or their warm tomato-basil wrap, which is stuffed with bacon and is sure to please the breakfast-burrito crowd. Surrey's BLT is also piled high with plenty of bacon—because there's a reason that in the "bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich," bacon is listed first. 4807 Magazine St., (504) 895-5757, surreysnola.com


Elizabeth's aims to provide "real food done real good." From weekday breakfast and lunch to weekend brunch, bacon is on the menu. Elizabeth's menu includes delicious praline bacon, more than sure to satisfy every sweet and salty craving. Experience Elizabeth's French toast burrito, which includes eggs, bacon, and sausage inside a French toast-battered tortilla, topped with powdered sugar and syrup. Never had a breakfast po-boy? Elizabeth's Lula May Breakfast Po-Boy is filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and bacon on French, a tasty twist on the New Orleans original. For lunch, try Elizabeth's Dream Burger, topped with their praline bacon and blue cheese sauce. 601 Gallier St., (504) 944-9272, elizabethsrestaurantnola.com

Wakin' Bakin'

With a name like Wakin' Bakin', it is a given that this place is offering crispy, crunchy, and appetizing bacon on the menu. Wakin' Bakin' has mouthwatering bites with fresh ingredients that keep folks coming back to both their Mid-City and Uptown locations. Their BAT Pig sandwich is an absolute must-try; it includes bacon, avocado, tomatoes, and a fried egg on a fresh croissant. Other tasty bacon-centric sandwiches include their breakfast club with bacon, chicken, and ham; as well as their BST sandwich with bacon, spinach, and tomato. Wakin' Bakin' has a wide selection of breakfast options that come with bacon and even offers catered breakfast meals including their tasty bacon confit. 4408 Banks St., (504) 252-0343, wakinbakin.com

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