What Does Your Favorite Summer Food Say About You?

08:41 July 13, 2018
By: Julie Mitchell

Summer is here, and that means many fun outdoor get-togethers, barbeques, picnics, grill-outs, luaus, etc. It’s always fun to bring a classic summer dish, but as soon as you set it down on the table, there’s that familiar worry: what is the dish you bring saying about you? Anyone can pick up a mesh bag of popsicles from the grocery store, but it takes time and effort to make a fun dish or drink to share, and as we all know, the more energy you put into something, the more it tells about you. When you plop down a plate of lime-chili tacos at a work potluck, what personal secrets are you betraying to those people? Luckily, we have put together a handy guide of some classic summer fare and what these dishes/drinks communicate to those around you. Prepare carefully!

Grilled Steak Kebabs: You like to savor the process of things. Life’s not so much about the destination, but the journey for you. You value spending time with family and get pleasure in the little things. But sometimes you try to do too much and stretch yourself too thin. Focus on what you can control and let go of the rest.

Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos: You own a lot of hats. Too many even. But you’re so cool that no one cares. You’re the life of the party, and you rely on your friendships for a lot. Often you worry that people don’t like you as much as you think. They do!

Gazpacho: You’re very concerned with what other people think of you and are always trying to be perfect. You often succeed, but at what personal cost? Let your hair down sometimes; you’ll be surprised how fun it is.

Watermelon, Ricotta, and Basil Salad: You’re my mom!

Caprese Salad: You simple, perfect bitch. Effortless and casual, always in the right place at the right time. Sometimes you can be a little sour, but it’s always what the situation calls for, and you never cross the line.

Ice Cream: You’re a little controlling and you need conditions to be perfect for you to thrive, but once they are, wow. You are very good at karaoke, but will only sing a third of the time, because often places don’t have the songs you want. That kind of thing.

Lemon Cake: You have a great relationship with your dad, but you should be a little more empathetic to your mom.

Lavender Lemonade: You have a very high opinion of yourself, but you also have a very high opinion of all your friends, so it balances out. You’re a very good mix of high- and low-maintenance, and you laugh at the SNL sketches that are too weird to air.

Frosé: You’re always down, and people love that about you. Sometimes you disappoint the people in your life, but who doesn’t? 

A Baked Potato: You have a complex about being forgotten, but you shouldn’t, because everyone loves you. 

There! Now you can eat and drink your favorites with confidence (or quietly in secret), knowing that as soon as you make your choice, everyone will instantly know a plethora of psychological and personal facts about you as a person, and many of your flaws. Enjoy! 

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