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Unusual Streaming With Hendrick’s Gin

13:00 September 02, 2020
By: Blake Anderson

If you have subscriptions to all the streaming services possible but are running out of things to watch, Hendrick's Gin has a new option for you. The Scottish gin-makers have released their own relaxing, free, round-the-clock streaming service: Hendrick's Streaming, which is available to anyone who is 21 or older. Each stream (pun intended) features scenes from breathtaking bodies of waters, including The Brook That Dared, Cucumber Creek, and Little Falls with Rosey Dreams.

With each stream, Hendrick's Gin has provided a suggested recipe to try while watching nature unfold in front of you. A citrus, cucumber refresher, known as Hendrick's Rickey, is suggested to pair with The Brook that Dared. This drink is easy to make and perfect for any occasion. Cucumber Creek is intended to be enjoyed with a Cucumber Lemonade, a perfect summer-night drink. Lastly, the beautiful and fizzy Floradora drink is suggested for viewing Little Falls with Rosey Dreams. This raspberry refresher is perfect for a more formal occasion.

According to Vance Henderson, U.S. Ambassador for Hendrick's Gin, "Our stream-focused streaming service will provide a leisurely alternative (to mass media). Our objective is to entertain, relax, and mesmerize our curious and thirsty viewers." Hendrick's Gin's streaming service is the second product that has been offered from the Department of Not-So-Convenient Technology. First was Hendrick's Horatio, a "somewhat" smart speaker. This product sold out within two weeks.

Hendrick's Gin is made in the tiny seaside village of Girvan, Scotland. It is combined with 11 botanicals and infused with two signature flavors: cucumber and rose petals. The unique Scottish gin was introduced to America nearly 20 years ago. Since then, it has received multiple awards, including Gin of the Year at the Food and Wine Magazine Awards, and was voted World's Best Gin by The Wall Street Journal.

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