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Take a Shot With These Boozy Podcasts

14:00 September 01, 2020
By: Brittney Forbes

Quarantine has taught all of us different things in the kitchen, whether that's how to make your favorite banana bread, how to ration out all of your goodies, or even how to find, drink, or make your favorite alcoholic drinks.

The New York Times released their list of the Top 7 alcohol-centric podcasts that won't give you something to wine about next time you try to figure out what to order at your favorite bar or to discuss at your next virtual Happy Hour.

Life Behind Bars

With their pun-intended title, listeners can already tell that this duo can keep it as light as your favorite beer. The Daily Beast's Noah Rothbaum and David Wondrich give curious drinkers an in-depth weekly guide about the history of the trendiest drinks but can also go on their fun tangents about bars and how they might change due to the very eventful year that is 2020. thedailybeast.com/keyword/podcast-life-behind-bars

Good Beer Hunting

Follow along with your favorite brewers as they give you the ins and outs of the beer business. This podcast features different business owners who give you some insight "from the middle of some of the most rapidly changing dynamics that any U.S. industry has ever seen." It even goes in-depth about how race can affect beer and the shift that bars, breweries, and bottle shops have gone through amid the coronavirus pandemic. goodbeerhunting.com/gbh-podcast

Wine for Normal People

Calling itself "a podcast for people who like wine but not the snobbery that goes with it," this podcast highlights host Elizabeth Schneider as she gives listeners her thoroughly researched wine takes on different types of wine in different countries. She also sometimes brings in different sommeliers' perspectives. winefornormalpeople.com/category/podcast

Bartender at Large Podcast

Since 2016, San Diego-based bartender Erick Catro has been teaching his podcast listeners about craft cocktails from around the world and the bartenders who make them. Even with the pandemic, award-winning Catro was able to switch gears and teach his listeners about how to make your favorite to-go cocktails and even how to find your favorite spirits. bartenderatlarge.com

The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Modern Bar Cart CEO Erik Kozlik gives an in-depth guide to industry professionals and at-home-bartenders alike to spice up their game. Kozlik follows along with various distillers, bartenders, and alcohol aficionados, and he takes questions from his listeners on how to take their cocktail game to the next level. modernbarcart.com/podcast

VinePair Podcast

This digital media company gives the thoughts of editor-in-chief Erica Duecy, co-founder Adam Teeter, and sommelier Zach Geballe, while they talk every week about the latest trends when it comes to spirits, wine, and beer. In their most recent episode, they talked to the co-founders of canned wine company Maker Wine, who showcase the smaller producers in California, how COVID-19 has shifted their business, and what are some of the ways that they're planning to grow. vinepair.com/tag/podcast

"Unreserved Wine Talk"

Award-winning Canadian journalist Natalie Maclean has been at it with "The Unreserved Wine Talk" since 2018, teaching listeners about how to choose wines, how to pair them, and more. Every other episode, Maclean gives her own "unfiltered" opinions about wine, what it means to be a woman in a male-dominated field, and how she's successfully written about wine for 20 years. nataliemaclean.com/blog/podcast

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