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$uicideboy$ Play the Smoothie King Center

22:08 September 02, 2023
By: Staff

$uicideboy$ played the Smoothie King Center this Friday, September 1, and the Grey Day show was one to remember. There was nothing but talented and versatile artists.

It was the 3rd annual Grey Day, being hosted and headlined by the $uicideboy$ , a group who takes pride in being from New Orleans, with nearly all of their songs having a reference to the big easy. The rap group consists of cousins "Ruby" and "Scrim" and gained a following from their unique emo/punk style of rap (not horrorcore). While the underground group has been putting out great music since when they formed in 2013, they rose to popularity in 2019 with their new hit song "And to those I love, thanks for sticking around", which gained much fame and new fans through the platform TikTok, and is played at the end of almost every concert. While the group isn't the proudest about how it got popular, they're now selling out bigger venues like the Smoothie King Center, since the past two venues have been at Mardi Gras World and the UNO Lakefront Arena.

The doors opened at 6:30 p.m., but there was a line wrapped around the whole arena at 4:00 p.m. The stage had many interesting features, including a platform stage that went into the crowd in the shape of a cross, as well as big New Orleans' style tombstones with the $uicideboy$ names on them.

The lineup for Grey Day included artists: Ramirez, Sematary, City Morgue, Ghostemane, and $uicideboy$. The show opened with Ramirez (a long time collaborator with the Suicideboys) and Sematary. While the crowd was warming up to the lesser known artists, once City Morgue and Ghostemane hit the stage, you could feel the energy building throughout the arena. The $uicideboy$' entrance was insane--the whole arena ecstatic, with the cousins rising from out the ground like the king of pop himself.

The majority of the songs they performed were from their new albums and EPs, as well as a few old songs for their longtime loyal fans. Some say all that glitters is not gold, some say the $uicideboy$ were better in 2016, when they were low key and still somewhat underground, but at the end of the day, they have been constantly converting and improving their unique sound. You can pick any song from any time period, and be able to identify it, while being able to hear the evolution they've had. They came from the gutters of New Orleans and are now on top of the world.

Overall the show was amazing, from the beginning until the end. While it isn't everyone's cup of tea, if you like listening to hip hop, metal, or even punk, I highly suggest giving it a try next year. You will definitely leave with a new favorite artist.

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