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Some Like it Hot: Celebrate National Hot Sauce Day With These Louisiana Classics

11:00 November 04, 2020
By: Brhea Washington

A quick and tasty staple to spice up any dish is a dab—or two, or more—of hot sauce. Though not all Louisiana natives like hot sauce, this article is solely for spice-seekers, for always-wanting-hot-sauce aficionados, for fiends of fire, or those who can brave the burn… According to, hot sauce has a variety of health benefits, due to its capsaicin. Capsaicin, the active ingredient that makes peppers spicy, has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects (though your peppery mouth, watery eyes, and running nose experience may lead you to think otherwise). There are many variations of hot sauce to choose from, depending on the level of heat, type of pepper, or the sweet or vinegary taste you prefer to add to your meals. As Louisiana is widely known for its cuisine, which features tasty blends of spices and seasonings, here is a list of Louisiana-made hot sauces. Add these to your kitchen shelf if you want to experience even spicier Louisiana flavor or use them to celebrate National Hot Sauce Day this Thursday, November 5.


One of the most iconic names that comes to mind when you think of hot sauce is Tabasco. This popular hot sauce is produced not too far from home in Avery Island, (about two hours away from NOLA). Tabasco is the oldest hot sauce company in history and has been both family-operated and owned throughout generations, dating back to the late 1800s. You won't find a more classic hot sauce than Tabasco, which has become a household name and is widespread and sold throughout the world. According to, Tabasco is in the top five of most popular hot sauces in America, getting its name from the use of tabasco peppers, vinegar, and salt. Tabasco's taste is timeless, and any spice-lover will enjoy the original hot sauce or the other spicier, milder, or sweeter Tabasco sauces that can be found on grocery shelves everywhere.

Louisiana Brand

What's a more authentic Louisiana hot sauce than one that is named "The Original Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce?" Louisiana Brand's bottle deems its hot sauce as "the perfect hot sauce," and it includes a variety of peppers and spices that are more than sure to add a hot kick to your favorite dish. Louisiana Brand has also created a vast number of hot sauce flavors, from smoky chipotle and jalapeño to roasted garlic and red chili. Created in 1928, Louisiana Brand is another hot sauce that has a long history of being made right in our home state. You can not only find Louisiana Brand hot sauce in grocery stores, but their original hot sauce is also available to purchase online through their website, Go ahead and fill your virtual shopping cart and get hot sauce sent directly to your house.

Crystal Hot Sauce

Another popular and renowned hot sauce throughout Louisiana is Crystal Hot Sauce. Their label says it best: "Louisiana's pure hot sauce," because Crystal has been around since 1923. This brand emphasizes the company's passion for creating great, tasty food that utilizes quality ingredients. There's also no pepper waste here, as Crystal makes use of their peppers in their entirety. They use the cayenne pepper's skin and seeds to ensure that every taste of their hot sauce is richly seasoned, all of which makes for a better hot sauce. Crystal Hot Sauce is also a third-generation family-operated business with bottles that can be found everywhere from New Orleans to Dubai. Over 4.5 million gallons of Crystal are produced yearly, with a hot sauce taste that meets your heat criteria but is also just as good to complement anything you want to eat.

Cajun Chef

Often, if you see Cajun Chef on the shelves, it's their hot pickled okra that you are looking at (which is also good if you want a spicy snack and is especially good with hot sauce). Cajun Chef, however, is also known for its tasty hot sauce made from a traditional family recipe of spices and peppers. Cajun Chef's hot sauce has a vast number of sizes for customers to choose from. Whether you want a little dab on your food from their three-ounce bottle or big, spicy explosions with their 34-ounce bottle, Cajun's has got you covered. Their hot sauce uses fresh Louisiana cayenne peppers that are picked when green, to ensure that each taste provides the fullest amount of flavor. Cajun Chef also offers an entirely green hot sauce, made solely with green cayenne peppers, if you want a hot sauce with a milder kick. Cajun Chef's flavorful hot sauces will give you just the right amount of heat to transform any dish into a delicious Cajun experience.

Slap Ya Mama

Slap Ya Mama is produced and based in Ville Platte, where the Walker family created a line of hot sauces, seasonings, and seafood boils that honor an authentic Cajun taste. The Walker Family's hometown of Ville Platte (three hours from New Orleans) is the self-proclaimed smoked meats capital of the world, which surely sounds delicious to pour hot sauce on. Slap Ya Mama's (they have never actually slapped their mama, just to be clear) started from Anthony "TW" Walker's search to discover a real peppery and Cajun taste without a large salt content. When he couldn't find one, Walker created his own brand of flavor through a perfect blend of homegrown Cajun seasonings. You can look no further than Slap Ya Mama for a true, authentic Louisiana spice that they proclaim will taste so good, you'll get a slap—of flavor.

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