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Second Annual NOLAxNOLA Dates Announced

13:00 June 24, 2022
By: Tatum Arbogast

NOLAxNOLA: A Celebration of Music & Culture from the Inside Out

In a city made up of a multitude of talented musicians and loads more music lovers to match, the pandemic hit New Orleans' music venues and live performers closer to home than most. Last year, New Orleans & Company brought our city back together through music and culture with the first ever NOLAxNOLA. This fall, NOLAxNOLA, celebrating our music and culture from the inside out, is coming back to some of our favorite music venues and nightclubs. Get ready to feel the music because the dates have been announced: the second annual NOLAxNOLA is scheduled to take place September 23 through October 9, 2022.

The Show Must Go On: NOLAxNOLA 2021 to the Present

Last year's NOLAxNOLA festival began with a bang. Showcasing the vastly eclectic artistry, music, and venues that this city has to offer, the first annual NOLAxNOLA festival was a huge hit, and it's no doubt this year will be just the same, if not better. Brought to you by New Orleans & Company, with 3090x3090 LLC hopping on this fall, NOLAxNOLA's sponsors cannot be more excited to announce the dates of September 23 until October 9 for this year's festival. While the music venues and schedule of events are still in the works, the over two weeklong festival is sure to be packed full of all the quirks, spirit, and sounds that makes the Big Easy what it is today.

President and CEO of New Orleans & Company, Stephen Perry, recognizes the honor of sponsoring the coming festival: "It's important for our organization to support our music culture and New Orleans & Company is proud to be the title sponsor." Regarding the aim of NOLAxNOLA, Perry said, "In creating this unique festival, which had its inaugural event in 2021, we wanted to send a clear message that despite the challenges our hospitality industry faced due to the pandemic, the show must go on. New Orleanians and our critical visitor economy deserve a rich array of music, and along with the return of the music festivals that fill our dynamic event calendar, we believe it is vital to continue this new unique musical tradition, perhaps the only one like it anywhere."

New Orleanians couldn't agree more with Perry's message: the show really must go on. Back in 2021, concert venues from almost every neighborhood in the city showed their support for this mantra, totaling 35 participating locations by the end of the inaugural NOLAxNOLA festival. All in all, last fall, over 300 shows were packed in the span of just 10 days. NOLAxNOLA was so successful, in fact, that they held a virtual two-night event to celebrate the participation and enthusiasm for the first year of the festival, weeks later. Affectionately titled "Show Your Love," the virtual event showcased never-before-seen performances featuring some of New Orleans' most iconic artists and sounds, with proceeds benefitting music-centered local nonprofits. For 2022, even more venues are expected to join up in support, and a similar event to "Show Your Love" may just be on the horizon.

Why NOLAxNOLA is important

Sig Greenbaum, a principal with 3090x3090 LLC calls attention to why NOLAxNOLA was and still is such a necessity for our community. "NOLAxNOLA was born out of the need to support New Orleans music culture in the wake of the ongoing pandemic and Hurricane Ida… It was a call for New Orleanians to help New Orleanians, something that no other community does better."

New Orleans & Company and 3090x3090 LLC are honored to sponsor this year's NOLAxNOLA celebration and are excited to welcome locals and tourists to the venues and music that are at the heart of our city's culture. Perry sums it up best, "For us this is granular and ground-breaking and will once again drive people to the music clubs and venues and deliver that part of New Orleans that exists nowhere but here."

To learn more about NOLAxNOLA, happening September 23 through October 9, and what the growing schedule will have to offer in the coming months, keep up with

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