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Recycle Challenge Parade & Festival

10:00 February 08, 2023
By: Arielle Gonzales

New Orleans Recycling and Culture Festival Returns for a Second Year With TriWater

This year, debuting on April 18, New Orleans will host the second annual Recycle Challenge Parade and Festival (TRCPF), a worldwide project that encourages people to participate in community challenges and create art from recycled materials. This six-day festival, which is being held in St. Roch Market to kick off Earth Day weekend, will feature regional musicians, food, and artisans. While tackling important global concerns like pollution, TRCPF seeks to integrate culture, community, and historical links.

On the festival day, tourists will earn "free" admission by recycling their glass, plastic, and aluminum, while vendors must utilize paperless receipts and reduce waste by recycling old customer packaging. Visitors with a VIP Pass or Ala Cart Ticket will have access to "free" events during the course of the festival weekend. Donations are encouraged at the door.

The organizers of TRCPF are hoping for as much local and international participation as possible with the aim of raising money for organizations like "Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication", an international youth publication that relates youth to programs that develop their critical thinking, writing, and cultural literacy.

For its "Smart Art of Trash Parade," which will feature hand-made throws to wearable art in the style of paper costumes, gowns, suits, and more, TRCPF is presently looking for sponsors for the recycling-themed celebration, youth and adult performers, and krewe members.

"Our group has introduced an effective way to showcase a circular economy model," said event organizer, Madera E. Rogers-Henry. "We have generated opportunities for youth and adults to learn how to build new products by extending their life value for as long as possible. Let's take this recycling theme further and invigorate the spirits and self-esteem of our participants."

The non-fiscal profit's agency is Collaborative Community Initiative (CCI), and TRiWater is our anchor sponsor. TRiWater is the only black-owned covered natural spring in the whole state of Georgia that generates a naturally alkaline rating of 7.4pH. 100% of the shareholders of Harriet & Lucy LLC are women. To give participants a comprehensive service experience, more recycling partners are being verified. We are happy to inform you that Glass Half Full will again include a glass recycling component in its events.

JAMNOLA is one of our Parade Sponsors, along with Location Partners St. Roch Market, AllWays Lounge & Cabaret, Beanlandia, Grow On Urban Farms, and La Mango Restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria.

Pontilly Coffee, CORE, Habitat For Humanity - RESTORE, Virage & AGILE Learning Center, Community Workshop Nola (CWN), and Dykes With Drills are the Build Team & Resources Partners (New Orleans).

Circus Elevated (Colorado) and Romone Edwards & FUNGI, & Breaks In The Simulation served as the performance coordinators (New Orleans).

Community Affiliates (New Orleans, La) Carnell Jackson and Reuben Craddock, the designers and recyclers of Bijoux de Delone, Dreamer's Touch, Chic Nouvelle Model & Talent Management, Ultropolis LLC, and Genius Is Common (New York), Raven Speaks, the performance artist, Symphony of Sound LLC, official photographer Bernard Grant, (Denver, Colorado), Tymisha Harris, the playwright of Josephine-The Play (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), and (Lagos, Nigeria) The Milliners Association of Nigeria, upcycle & eco-conscious caretaker, artist John Edom, and Great Audacity Studio (public relations).

Skating teachers from Kut UpKrewe/Skate Exclusive, Balthazar Electriks (New Orleans, Louisiana), and StudioVisceral (Atlanta, Georgia) are community asset partners. Also, Media Partners Gambit , Whose Magazine A Youth Publication and Where Ya' At Magazine?.

Although St. Roch Market is the main venue, shops in the nearby neighborhoods, streets, and parking lots will also participate in the event. No one will be turned away from the evening activities, and the festival will also be live-streamed online in an effort to make it accessible to everyone.

The three days from Friday, April 21, to Sunday, April 23, 2023, are the busiest from April 18 to April 23, 2023. The timetable for Saturday is from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m., while the schedule on Friday and Sunday is from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Since 2018, TRCPF's organizers have started running similar events. Following significant financial contributions from Chic Nouvelle Model & Talent Management, the TRCPF event in 2022 attracted close to 200 guests. With artists, music, and queens donning paper gowns, this event offered both a virtual and physical experience.

The event website has a full schedule of all activities as well as more recent details. Our associate is PASSAGE, the ticket sponsor. Sales of tickets start on February 5, 2023. For more information, visit or contact Madera E. Rogers-Henry (

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