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Rau for Art Foundation Announces 2024 Student Finalists

07:00 May 09, 2024
By: Gabriella Bonura

Scholarship Competition Local Finalists

The Rau for Art Foundation Scholarship Competition has announced its 10 finalists.

Around 200 high schools from around Louisiana took part in the competition, sending in artworks related to the theme "What Does Your Future Hold." The artworks are supposed to showcase the students career aspirations, desires, and general dreams for the future.

Experts have hand-selected the 10 finalists. Student's works are currently being displayed at the M.S. Rau Gallery, located at 622 Royal St. The artwork will be on display now until Saturday, May 25. The final winner will be announced at a luncheon on May 25.

2024's 10 Finalists

1. Lucia Vu

Artwork: Cake

Attends: Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy

[Lucia Vu, Provided by RFA]

2. Gianna Gilberti

Artwork: Finding My Fig

Attends: New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA)

[Gianna Gilberti, Provided by RFA]

3. Charity Dicken

Artwork: Blue New Orleans

Attends: Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy

[Charity Dicken, Provided by RFA]

4. Faith Patel

Artwork: Past, Present, Future

Attends: Haynes Academy

[Faith Patel, Provided by RFA]

5. Hannah Wen

Artwork: Blossoming

Attends: Haynes Academy

[Hannah Wen, Provided by RFA]

6. Kaitlyn Lam

Artwork: Take Us With You

Attends: Haynes Academy

[Kaitlyn Lam, Provided by RFA]

7. Mackensie White

Artwork: My Dream

Attends: Northshore High School

[Mackensie White, Provided by RFA]

8. Piper Schaumburg

Artwork: Collector

Attends: New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA)

[Piper Schaumburg, Provided by RFA]

9. Sophia Michalewicz

Artwork: Stems of the Future

Attends: New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA)/Ben Franklin

[Sophia Michalewicz, Provided by RFA]

10. Terrell Butler

Artwork: Cro-Od-Zi-Ol-Torzul-V / The Rise of the Second Beginning

Attends: Hammond High

[Terrell Butler, Provided by RFA]

Winners Awards and Prizes

There are wonderful prizes for winners of the scholarship. The first place winner will be awarded $7,000 and $500 to the student's art department. The winner will also have the chance to study abroad in Italy. Second place will be awarded $3,000, third place will get $1,500, and fourth place will receive $1,000.

The Rau for Art Foundation

This foundation supports talented, young artists around the Greater New Orleans area. There are two programs within the foundation, including the Rau for Art Scholarship Competition and the Teacher Assistance Fund. These programs support students and teachers in Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, and St. Charles Parishes. The Rau for Art Foundation began in 2012 as a way to celebrate the M.S. Rau Gallery's 100th year.

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