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Nice as Pie: Five Places to Celebrate National Pie Day December 1

11:00 November 30, 2020
By: Brhea Washington

Pies are a holiday staple found on many a dessert table this time of year. It is no surprise that National Pie Day is celebrated on December 1, adding an extra bit of excitement and tastiness to the festive season. According to, approximately $700 million dollars worth of pies are sold in grocery stores every year, which amounts to about 186 million pies being bought annually! Those numbers do not even include restaurants, bakeries, and all other homemade pie-makers that contribute to selling one of the world's most popular desserts. Some of Louisiana's favorite pies fall on the savory side, with many throughout the state adoring meat pies and crawfish pies. On the sweet side, however, sweet potato pie is a favorite among many Louisianians, and it is also one of the most popular pies throughout the South. For those who prefer to buy their pies rather than making them from scratch, here is a list of pie spots throughout the city to indulge in a delicious piece of pie on National Pie Day.

Windowsill Pies

The idea of a warm, freshly baked pie sitting on a windowsill is a comforting image that causes a craving for dessert. Windowsill Pies aims to provide that amazing dessert. Their pies are not only inspired by French cuisine, but also good, old-fashioned Southern baking. Owners Nicole and Marielle hold the belief that every slice of pie is an opportunity to build a memory. This holiday season, what better way to create a fond and tasty memory than bringing a Windowsill Pie home to share with family? Their menu is filled with beautifully crafted whole pies, hand pies, and mini-pies that span from sweet to savory. Some of their pies even include alcohol, such as their apple cheddar with Grand Marnier variety, for a delectable liqueur flavor. They have pies for any occasion, from fruit pies and cream pies to custard pies and pot pies, and every pie-lover is left happy. 4714 Freret St., (504) 381-4953,

Laurel Street Bakery

Laurel Street Bakery not only specializes in baked goods, but goodies to satisfy everyone's cravings. From bagels and breakfast to lunch and coffee, Laurel Street Bakery has it all. Those with a sweet tooth are in luck, as Laurel Street Bakery's menu also has a variety of delicious cakes and pies. Their pie menu includes pecan, sour-cream apple, pumpkin, lattice-topped blueberry, key lime, and fresh peach pies that are more than sure to be an appetizing treat after dinner. A whole delicious pie is $25, and each pie is made to order, ensuring that each and every one is fresh and inviting. Their pie crusts are homemade and include fresh fillings. Laurel Street Bakery also does online, delivery, and pick-up orders, providing ultimate convenience whether you want to stop in a grab a pie on your way home or have it delivered to your door. 2701 S. Broad St., (504) 897-0576,

Southern Sweet Potato Pie Company

Southern Sweet Potato Pie Company focuses on serving all customers with tasty treats that are both nutritious and delicious. They offer various sweet treats for one to indulge in, such as brownies, ooey gooey cake, creamy pecan pralines, and cakes. Other staples not to be forgotten are their sweet potato pies and pecan pies, which are perfect this time of the year. Southern Sweet Potato Pie Company's website allows customers to order their pies online in various sizes. They can help out whether you need a dozen 3-inch pies for everyone to get their own individual pie or a single 9-inch pie to share around the dinner table. Their tasty pies will delight, with their crispy, buttery pastry crust and fillings that are sweet, rich, and loaded with fresh ingredients, for a delectable, homemade flavor. 5346 Lapalco Blvd., Marrero, (504) 328-2221,

Maple Street Patisserie

Maple Street Patisserie's recipes are inspired and based on Master Baker and Master Pastry Chef Ziggy Cichowski's studies throughout Europe. They provide handcrafted desserts that are both exceptional and delightful, with flavors that showcase the bakery's expertise. From rustic breads for their savory sandwiches to full-flavored pastries, Maple Street Patisserie includes only the best ingredients to provide customers with the best quality possible. They offer both breakfast and dessert pastries, with a variety of options to please your palate for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Their assorted mini- or large pastries are filled with different flavors to taste and experience. In-house crafted pies include classics such as apple, blueberry, cherry, pumpkin, lemon meringue, chocolate cream, banana cream, sweet potato, and pecan pie. What more could a pie-lover hope for? Visit to experience their finest ingredients that make for fantastic European pastries and desserts. 7638 Maple St., (504) 304-1526,

Adrian's Bakery

Adrian's aims to provide all customers with a taste of New Orleans, and they serve up flavorful treats, pastries, and desserts made fresh daily. With over 30 years of experience and great baking passion, this family-owned establishment makes gourmet desserts, whether you want a great dessert to enjoy at home or need something to bring to a party or special event. Adrian's is a good place for pies that will soothe your sweet tooth, and they can make specialty desserts if needed. They also offer tours of their bakery for groups interested in learning how their tasty pastries are made. Their wide range of made-from-scratch baked goods include pies, cakes, donuts, cinnamon rolls, king cakes, bread pudding, and more. Adrian's also caters events for delivery or pickup, including balloon setups and party planning, to help ensure your event is a special occasion filled with extra-special desserts. 4710 Paris Ave., (504) 282-2283,

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