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10 Great Spots (and Dishes) to Try for New Orleans Restaurant Week

07:00 June 13, 2024
By: Mathilde Hebert

10 Great Spots (and Dishes) for Restaurant Week

There are many different dining options available in New Orleans, which is well-known for its unique food and lively culture, to suit every taste and budget. Everyone can find plenty to eat throughout this food-focused city, which boasts both famous fine dining venues and more informal eating options.

Every year, New Orleans hosts Restaurant Week, which provides foodies with a distinctive gastronomic experience. Savor New Orleans' tastes during the much-anticipated Restaurant Week, running from June 17-23, when participating eateries serve up their best dishes for a memorable dining experience. Here is a list of 10 restaurants and 10 dishes to try this year.

1. Griddled Cornbread, Willa Jean

611 O'Keefe Ave., (504) 509-7334


[Courtesy of Willa Jean's Facebook]

Willa Jean serves as a Southern bakery restaurant which elevates classic Southern cuisine with a contemporary and sophisticated flair. It's the ideal location for a leisurely supper with family and friends or for grabbing coffee and a morning pastry on the run.

Their griddle cornbread is an example of what happens if a group of people come together and work together on an apparently straightforward endeavor. It's a dish that shouldn't be missed out on during Restaurant Week.

2. Trout Amandine, Annunciation

1016 Annunciation St., (504) 568-0245


[Courtesy of Annunciation's Facebook]

Annunciation is a pleasing harmony of refined minimalism and regional identity. It is a small eatery that welcomes guests with a Creole heart. It offers the best and freshest seafood that is fished nearby, along with a variety of delectable dishes that are prepared to request.

Annunciation serves a traditional Creole French meal on its menu: fish amandine. The sauce is the true highlight of the meal, even if the fish and the nuts that are scattered on top appear to be its major attractions. This traditional meal features a beautiful interplay of textures and tastes.

3. Entrana Gruesa, Brasa

Multiple Locations


[Courtesy of Brasa's Facebook]

Brasa Restaurant is a delightful dining option located in Downtown New Orleans and in Metairie. Known for its unique flavors and exceptional service, this restaurant has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Brasa Restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring authentic South American cuisine, influenced by local flavors and ingredients. One of the main standout dishes is the Entrana Gruesa, which is filled with local flavors from Argentinian, Brazilian, and Colombian culture.

4. Pan-Seared Stripe Bass, Restaurant August

301 Tchoupitoulas St., (504) 299-9777


[Courtesy of August's Facebook]

August is a modern Creole restaurant that specializes in using products from Louisiana. Situated in the Central Business District within a historically significant French-Creole structure from the 19th century, the primary dining room offers an unparalleled dining atmosphere.

A culinary marvel is the pan-seared striped bass entrée at Restaurant August. The restaurant, which is well-known for its delicious seafood dishes, cooks this lovely fish to perfection.

5. Petit Gateau au Chocolat, Restaurant R'evolution

777 Bienville St., (504) 553-2277


[Courtesy of Restaurant R'evolution/The Royal Sonesta New Orleans]

Restaurant R'evolution serves inventive, contemporary takes on traditional Creole and Cajun fare. The restaurant, which serves award-winning food in a setting that provides an unmatched dining experience, is popular with tourists as well as locals.

A delicious dessert offered at Restaurant R'evolution is the Petit Gateau au Chocolat. Rich and decadent, this chocolate masterpiece combines the ideal balance of tastes and textures to produce a mouthwatering culinary experience.

6. Famous Ferdi Po'boy with the Original Debris, Mother's Restaurant

401 Poydras St., (504) 593-2917


[Courtesy of Mother's Restaurants Facebook]

Nestled between the bustling waterfront and the courthouse on Poydras Street's "Restaurant Row," Mother's Restaurant first opened for business in 1938 and has been a NOLA staple ever since.

The Ferdi po-boy is cooked and served seasoned with baked ham, debris, gravy, and roast beef. These delicious sandwiches are dressed to perfection with pickles, mayo, mustard, and freshly shredded cabbage for an amazing crunch.

7. Crab Fat Pasta, Crescent City Brewhouse

527 Decatur St., (504) 522-0571


[Courtesy of Crescent City Brewhouse's Website]

The first brewpub in New Orleans launched in 1991 when Crescent City Brewhouse opened its doors on Decatur Street. This was the sole brewery to open its doors in almost 72 years and signified the rebirth of the local brewing business, which had formerly thrived in the city.

The Crescent City Brewhouse serves a delicious crab fat pasta that mixes the rich, creamy taste of crab fat with the tastes of fresh fish. This meal is a mainstay at Crescent City Brewhouse, which is also popular for its extensive craft beer menu. Regardless of your preference for creamy pasta dishes or crab, this delicious recipe will definitely meet your demands.

8. Flourless Chocolate Torte, Briquette

701 S. Peters St., (504) 302-7496


[Courtesy of Briquette's Facebook]

Briquette is based in the historic Rodd Brothers Molasses Refinery, which was built in the 1800s and is situated in the Warehouse District. Briquette's restaurant decor is informal and modern with a prominent focus around an open kitchen.

Briquette's flourless chocolate torte is a rich, creamy dessert served with fruit and whipped cream. It is incredibly velvety, chocolatey, and really indulgent, making it the perfect cap to your Restaurant Week meal at Briquette.

9. Caviar Deviled Eggs, Copper Vine

1001 Poydras St., (504)-208-9535


[Courtesy of Copper Vine's Facebook]

Copper Vine serves as a sophisticated restaurant that people can enjoy in Downtown New Orleans. With its refined ambiance and delectable fare, it has established itself as a top choice for individuals looking to have an unforgettable dining encounter with friends or family.

The Cajun caviar deviled eggs at Copper Vine are truly flavorful. The deviled eggs, in addition to caviar, are topped with cayenne pepper, chives, and chicken skin cracklin'.

10. Veal Parmesan, Sala Nola

124 Lake Marina Ave., (504)-513-2670


[Courtesy of Sala Nola's Facebook]

Sala Nola is a Lakeview restaurant and bar that offers excellent cocktails and wine combined alongside tasty shareable appetizers and entrees. The team at Sala Nola is dedicated to make your stay comfortable, whether you're stopping by for a quick drink or staying for a substantial dinner.

Traditional Southern Italian cooking is the inspiration for Sala's veal parmesan dish. The spicy tomato sauce and the cheesy topping are the ideal complements to the delicate flavor of the veal. This meal is beautiful and delicious, making it ideal for any special event.

Local Spots for Restaurant Week

Offering a wide variety of eateries and cuisine, New Orleans serves as a foodie haven. The city offers plenty for everyone, whether you're searching for simple meals or gourmet dining experiences. The culinary culture of New Orleans is unique, combining elements from North America, the Caribbean, Italy, and France. The city offers a wide variety of cuisine, including seafood dishes, French pastries, and classics like Creole étouffée and Cajun gumbo.

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