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Get Your Bubbles On! National Bubble Tea Day, 4/30

15:00 April 22, 2022
By: Owen Sears

Did you know that next Saturday, March 30, is National Bubble Tea Day? You didn't? Well it is. So we've assembled this list of 5 locales where you can celebrate this tasty and nutritious Taiwanese beverage in the greater New Orleans area.

Kung Fu Tea

First off is national chain Kung Fu Tea's location in Metairie. For most boba enthusiasts, this is likely no surprise. Kung Fu Tea has a slew of different drinks available, freshly brewed and made to order. The list extends past the traditional bubble tea options available hot or cold, while also offering shakes, espressos and yogurts. Popular favorites include the Wintermelon Tea and Taro Milk Green Tea.

3348 W Esplanade Ave S Suite, Metairie

Mr Bubbles Cafe

With a name that would be well-suited to an organ grinder monkey, Mr Bubbles offers deliciously authentic Vietnamese food fare as well as a nice assortment of bubble tea, smoothies, and coffee. Treat yourself to a wholesome grilled pork banh mi paired with a delicious lychee peach tea, and you'll see why both of Mr. Bubbles locations on Canal St and the Westbank have become mainstay lunch spots.

Various Locations,

Share Tea

Also in the Metairie area is Sharetea, a spot that offers over 40 different kinds of tea and mixed beverages made with fresh tea leaves shipped directly from Taiwan. They also offer a wider degree of customization with each order, allowing customers to select their preferred level of sweetness and any of the 10 add ons they want to put in their drink. Personal favorites of this humble writer include the matcha red bean milk tea and the mango mojito; (just be sure to ask if you want any boba added to yours).

3325 Severn Ave, Metairie,

ViVi Bubble Tea

ViVi Bubble Tea in Metairie goes beyond just a simple bubble tea cafe, offering as well a number of delicious Taiwanese street food options like popcorn chicken and takoyaki balls. Their signature fruit tea and Blue Galaxy drink are both as visually appealing as they are delectable, and their japanese matcha is a healthy and energizing alternative to your morning espresso. Whether chilling at the spot post shift or ordering a tea for delivery, ViVi is a go-to spot for some boba.

3000 Severn Ave, Metairie,

Dream House Cafe

Dream House on the Westbank is a cafe known for its macarons and other pastries, but they also have a colorful array of bubble teas and Vietnamese coffee. Their Nightmare Refresher is a sugary soda-based drink made with mango and raspberry topped with blue pea flower, while the Dream Loaded Fruit Tea is jasmine tea based drink made with a variety of fruits: strawberry, kiwi, passion fruit, orange, lime, lemon. Their french macarons make for the perfect pairing snack!

1331 Barataria Blvd, Marrero,

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