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Louisiana’s Sports Hall of Fame Commemorates Louisiana’s Heisman Trophy Winners

12:00 December 05, 2022
By: Mia Oliva

Louisiana's Sports Hall of Fame and the Northwest Louisiana History Museum Commemorate Louisiana's Heisman Trophy Winners

The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame will collaborate with the Northwest Louisiana History Museum in honor of this year's four Heisman Trophy winners, on December 7th, 2022. The celebration is to be hosted in Natchitoches, La. by Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser. The Heisman Trophy is presented annually on the month of December to collegiate football players who embody principles of determination, integrity, and perseverance. Since being founded in 1935, the Heisman Trophy Trust has granted four Louisianans with the honor of taking home the trophy.

The four individuals who have had the privilege to take these trophies and titles have a lot to be proud of. For example, the first to bring the trophy home, John David Crowe earned this achievement as a result of his stellar skill while playing for Texas A&M. Crowe graduated from Springhill High School, located in Webster Parish, in 1954. Louisiana called this accolade home yet again two years later, thanks to Billy Cannon. Cannon, made history at LSU's Tiger Stadium back on Halloween night of 1959, where he returned a punt 89 yards and landed a touchdown, securing LSU's win against Ole Miss.

In more recent times, the award has been given to two Louisiana natives back-to-back, Joe Burrow in 2019 and DeVonta Smith in 2020. Burrow secured his win as LSU's former quarterback, making him one of two Tigers to hold the title. Lastly, being our most recent recipient, Smith attained the title while playing for the University of Alabama. He graduated from Amite High Magnet School in Amite City, La.

Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser shares a few thoughts on the event and its affiliation with the state of Louisiana. "There is definitely no lack of football talent growing up or playing in Louisiana. These four players stand out among the best," he states, "This exhibit is a great opportunity for football fans to hear the stories of these players, feel more a part of their outstanding Heisman careers in college. They truly are great representation of the Louisiana sports world."

The exhibition will invite and offer guests and visitors to examine and acquaint themselves with the stories of the Heisman Trophy recipients, from artifacts that had an influence on their path to success to a public reception where patrons can speak to the winners and ask them questions. The reception begins at 6:30pm and ends at 8pm. For further information on this event, be sure to visit

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