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10 Juice Cleanses: the Big Easy Way

07:00 January 03, 2024
By: Cynthea Corfah

The "new year, new me" mindset may be out of style, but what about "new year, new gut?" After months of consuming heavy holiday dishes, sugar-filled desserts, and festive holiday drinks, the new year is the perfect time to give your gut a break with a juice cleanse at local juice shops and restaurants in which to buy fresh pressed juice for your New Year's cleanse.

If you don't have a juicer or don't want to bother gathering all of the fruits and veggies yourself, New Orleans has plenty of juice shops, smoothie bars, and healthy restaurants that can do the juicing for you. Here are 10 places to get cold-pressed juice and juice cleanses around town.

Five Curated Juice Cleanse Plans

1. The Antidote Juice

734 Union St., 504-258-8708


This Union Street smoothie and juice bar thought about the hard parts of juice cleansing so you don't have to. The shop offers three types of cleanses: beginners cleanse, immunity cleanse, and super green cleanse. Each juice cleanse comes with five cold pressed raw juices, a shot of raw apple cider vinegar to start the day, a wellness shot, and two oz. of lemon juice per day to add to a gallon of water to be consumed daily.

2. The Big Squeezy

302 St. Charles Ave., 504-766-8711


[Courtesy of bigsqueezyexpress.com]

Do you need a juice plan that is quick and easy, where you can drop by the store and pick up your juices for the day? This smoothie and juice bar has suggested cleanse templates to choose from online or you can make your own rules. The Big Squeezy offers a plethora of individual juices or juice packages for one-day, two-day, and three-day cleanses. Every bottle contains one to three pounds of raw fruits and veggies.

3. The Green Fork

1400 Prytania St., 504-267-7672


[Courtesy of greenforknola.com]

Plant-based, gluten-free, and vegan folks, this is the place for you. This plant-based restaurant sells detox soup cleanses, smoothie bowls, juices, smoothies, and juice cleanses. There are two juice cleanses to pick from: Restore Juice Cleanse (three green juices, two elixirs, and one nut milk) and Nourish Cleanse (three green juices, two elixirs, and one salad). Customers can purchase "juice feasts" for $60 per day or $165 for three days. Don't have time to pick your cleanses up? Locals can have their juice delivered for $10 a day.

4. Main Squeeze Juice Co.

Multiple Locations


[Courtesy of mainsqueezejuiceco.com]

Whether you want a one-day or five-day cleanse, this New Orleans-based franchise has all the essentials for a clean gut. The juice cleanses include five cold-pressed juices and one "mylk" (plant-based milk alternative). The recommended daily order includes juices that fall under the following categories: Refresher (something fresh and tasty), Green (plenty of veggies), and Root (rich in root vegetables). The shop has a variety of juices to choose from so the customer can mix it up based on what their body needs most.

5. Trillistic Raw Juice Bar

10001 Lake Forest Blvd. Suite 101, 504-342-8535


[Courtesy of trillisticrawjuice.shop]

Eating clean can be just as exciting (if not more) as eating unrestricted. This local juice bar serves sea moss, healthy dishes, cold-pressed juices, smoothie bowls, and juice bundles ideal for juice cleanses. Customers can purchase a one-day detox for $50, 12 cold-pressed juices for $100, and a one-week cleanse for $200. These cleanse bundles take a hearty approach to your average juice cleanse by including smoothies, juices, bone broth soups, and ginger shots.

Five Build Your Own Juice Cleanses

1. Baya Bar

4719 Freret St., 504-766-6088


[Courtesy of Baya Bar's Facebook]

Acai bowls aren't the only thing Baya Bar makes. This smoothie and juice bar sells cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, smoothies, toast, coconut bowls, pitaya bowls, and acai bowls. Make your own juice cleanse plan by ordering organic cold-pressed juices like strawberry lemonade, Spicy Baya-rita, Red Gypsy, orange juice, and Green Spirit.

2. Botanicals NOLA

2401 St. Claude Ave., 504-251-6603


[Courtesy of botanicalsnola.com]

Make the switch to mindful eating at this Black-owned smoothie and juice bar in the Bywater. Botanicals NOLA sells sea moss gel, sea moss lemonade, supplements, plant-based dishes, pitaya bowls, smoothies, and cold pressed juices. Juices include the Healer Shot and sea moss lemonade. The Healer Shot is made with orange, ginger, and agave, while the sea moss lemonade is made with sea moss, lemons, agave, and spring water. Juices from this shop would pair well with cold-press juices made at home for the full juice cleanse experience.

3. The Daily Beet

Multiple Locations


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Feed your mind, body, and soul with vibrant and rich juices from the Daily Beet. This locally-owned health food restaurant and juice bar sells nourishing breakfast and brunch dishes, savory bowls, salads, smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and coffee and tea. Juice flavors include NOLA Greens, Watermelon Ginger, Roots, PURE Greens, and Smokey the Bear (made with orange, grapefruit, lemon, cayenne, and maple syrup).


4528 Magazine St., 504-324-8234


Raw Republic [Taylor S. Hunter]

Kick the year off with juices that taste good, feel good and do good. This smoothie and juice bar sells raw, organic, cold-pressed juices, healthy dishes, snacks, supplements, and lifestyle products. Juice cleanse offerings include the Quick Cleanse, which comes with six bottles for $65 including a water, tea or tonic, green juice, green smoothie, a citrus or seasonal juice, root vegetable juice, and an almond mylk or adaptogenic shake. The Green Cleanse is available for $70 for six bottles including a water, tea, or coconut water; two green juices; a choice of green juice or smoothie; root vegetable juice; and coconut water.

5. Satsuma Cafe

Multiple Locations


[Courtesy of satsumacafe.com]

From breakfast sandwiches to coffee, this local favorite cafe has you covered. When you're ready for a break from solid foods, Satsuma Cafe also sells cold-pressed juices. Juices include Immune Booster (apple, grapefruit and orange), orange juice, and Green Drink (apple, cucumber, kale, and lemon). These drinks are ideal for a one-day cleanse paired with plenty of water.

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