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Flamingo A-Go-Go Partners with Breastoration for National Pink Day – June 23

09:00 June 21, 2022
By: Tatum Arbogast

The Power of Pink

Oh, the color pink, and how it reminds us of all sorts of pretty little things - dainty spring flowers in a long-awaited bloom, refreshing pink lemonade on a hot summer day, and some of the most colorful creatures to grace the face of the earth, our beloved flamingos. This iconic color has come to represent more than just everyday objects and animals, and like all great colors, pink now holds meaning, signifying femininity, romance, and tenderness among many other associations. Today, in fact, pink has come to represent something even more powerful, breast cancer awareness, and there's no better time to support the fight against breast cancer than on National Pink Day this June 23. New Orleans' favorite Flamingo A-Go-Go will be teaming up with local non-profit Breastoration for National Pink Day to support a greater cause, and you're invited to have some fun and help them out!

National Pink Day at Flamingo A-Go-Go

This June 23, lovers of pink are encouraged to band together to support a greater cause at New Orleans' Flamingo A-Go-Go. In honor of the celebration, any restaurant guest who shows up in the vibrant color of pink will receive a chilled, refreshing glass of Flamingo A-Go-Go's famous frose', on the house. All you have to do is gather some friends, paint 'em in pink, and you and your flock could be casually sipping a delicious beverage while having some fun.

Not only is Flamingo A-Go-Go offering an incredible chance at relaxation and fun with your crew, but you can easily support a greater cause while you're at it. After collecting a complimentary frose' to match your rosy toned attire, bar and restaurant goers can easily support a greater cause just by ordering a delicious meal. For every entrée sold at Flamingo A-Go-Go on National Pink Day, $1 will be donated to Breastoration, a non-profit organization that is based in the city of New Orleans.

About Breastoration and their Mission

Breastoration founders, Sandy Keller, Eve Wallinga, and Kim Sport had a mission in mind when creating their non-profit organization: to help some of those they relate to most - breast cancer survivors. Today, Breastoration seeks to help patients of breast cancer with accessibility to breast reconstruction surgeries after surgical mastectomies, living by the simple mantra, "Reconstruction following breast cancer surgery is not cosmetic surgery."

Breastoration has two main goals in their mission to help breast cancer patients, that is, education and financial assistance. Above all else, the New Orleans' non-profit seeks to educate women on their options for breast reconstruction surgeries so that they can make treatment decisions that best fit their own circumstances. On top of their mission for education, Breastoration graciously offers financial support to women seeking breast reconstruction in the State of Louisiana, with the hope of helping these women retrieve some of the femininity that breast cancer might have stolen from them.

You can support Breastoration and their mission this June 23 by heading on over to Flamingo A-Go-Go and grabbing a bite to eat with your flock. Dig up your favorite pink outfit from the depths of your closet, sip on a free frose' with your crew, and show your support to a good cause at this National Pink Day celebration!

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