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Five Spots for Croissants on National Croissant Day

15:00 January 26, 2021
By: Kala Hathorn

National Croissant Day falls on January 30. It is the day that all croissant-lovers near and far dream about. As modern history tells it, in the 1970s, croissants reached their peak in popularity. The buttery, flakey bread became so popular that it began to stand in for the bread in various sandwiches and continually evolved in fillings and in flavor. To celebrate this beloved French pastry this Saturday, visit a local bakery to take advantage of their selection of croissants. This list of local bakeries that specialize in some of the best croissants in town will have you enticed.

Croissant D'Or Patisserie

This bakery, located in the heart of the city, has been making breads, pastries, and croissants for over 30 years. Croissant D'Or Patisserie is an establishment that captures the essence of the Victorian-style era. With its beauty and distinct style, this bakery will have believing that you have been transported to Paris. The buttery warmth of their plain croissants will fill your mouth and heart with joy. If you have a taste for something more decadent, the chocolate croissant does the trick with its rich and creamy filled center. If you find yourself drooling, listen to your stomach and head over to the French Quarter to visit Croissant D'Or Patisserie for a delicious croissant. 617 Ursulines Ave., (504) 524-4663,

La Boulangerie

Founded in 2000, La Boulangerie is known for its fresh croissants made with local ingredients. This French bakery is no stranger to crowds; its liberated ambience attracts a lot of onlookers. The almond croissant is one of the sweetest features on their menu. With its nutty flavor and sweet goodness, this croissant will have you at the bakery counter asking for seconds. Hungry, yet? Grab a pal and head over to La Boulangerie; you will not regret it. 4600 Magazine St., (504)269-3777,

Laurel Street Bakery

When it comes to Laurel Street Bakery, the croissants are preservative-free and homemade. The founder Hillary Guttman believes that high-quality ingredients are well deserved for all of her customers. The croissants are made in-house every morning—some are plain and others are filled with a small layer of sweet filling. If you decide to grab a plain croissant, don't forget to inquire about the homemade spreads that this bakery provides; there are so many to pair with these light, airy, and buttery French pastries. So, stop by Laurel Street to fulfill year croissant needs. 2701 S. Broad St., (504) 897-0576,

Mayhew Bakery

At Mayhew Bakery, the croissants are baked daily, and they come fresh and tasty. An easy neighborhood stop-in, this bakery specializes in fresh treats and also offers convenience and friendly service. It is recommended when ordering a croissant from this café that you pair it with a hot coffee of your choice. The bittersweet balance of the coffee and rich flavorful croissant will ensure a perfect balance. So, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop in and treat yourself to a warm croissant and a cup of Joe. 3201 Orleans Ave., (504) 702-8078,

La Petite Sophie

La Petite Sophie is a quaint European patisserie that crafts croissants like works of art. It's also a beautiful and serene place to read your favorite novel and to relax while you munch on the croissant of your choice. The croissant selections at this bakery include the beignet croissant, raspberry croissant, everything croissant filled with whipped cream cheese, and a black forest ham croissant layered with gruyere cheese. This café is equipped with a nice selection of savory as well as sweet croissants to choose from that will leave any croissant-lover satisfied. 9047 Jefferson Hwy., (504) 667-3472,

Photo by mahyar motebassem on Unsplash

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