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Five Places to Celebrate National Coffee Day September 29

09:00 September 29, 2020
By: Melanie Hucklebridge

National days that honor different foods and beverages are an easy way to enjoy some of your favorite things and have some fun doing it. Coffee is a staple of so many people's lives, and September 29 gives you a chance to savor some joe with your friends. There are many businesses doing promotions, so it helps to check your local coffee shop's social media platforms, but here is a short list of some of the favorite coffee shops around New Orleans.

Avenue Cafe

Conveniently located along the streetcar line, Avenue Cafe is quick to get to and just a short walk from tons of other good restaurants. Their coffee drinks range from traditional drip coffee to Japanese-styled iced coffee. But Avenue Cafe's coffee is not their only shining point, and their food pairs nicely with any coffee style you get. All their drinks can be customized to your liking, but the New Orleans-style iced coffee always leaves a good first impression. 1907 St. Charles Ave., (504) 301-2097,

The Rook Cafe

The Rook Cafe is a completely different kind of coffee shop than the ones that people typically go to. The Rook combines coffee shop with geek culture to create a welcoming atmosphere for Star Trek and latte-lovers alike. While they are only open for to-go orders now, Rook Cafe was also previously famous among college students for the selection of board games to enjoy during a study break. Their drip coffee is fantastic, for coffee-drinkers who are into great vibes without all the extra fuss. 4516 Freret St.,

Rue De La Course

Another favorite among college students is Rue De La Course, located on Oak street. The coffee shop is housed in a historic bank building allowing for multi-leveled seating and even a nice outdoor patio. Although they are currently only doing takeout orders, Rue De La Course offers not only coffees and teas, but specialty bagel sandwiches that will make you want to indulge. Their cappuccino and signature café au lait are great to enjoy outside in the winter or indoors and away from the summer heat. 1140 S. Carrollton Ave., (504) 861-4343,

Coffee Bliss

A black-owned business, Coffee Bliss is a paradise for coffee-drinkers. Although it hasn't been open for very long, they've made an impact on the community with their delicious coffee and heavenly foods. They also hold events for local shops to feature their creations in their shop at no charge and no commission for Coffee Bliss. Their specialty drinks are nothing short of creative, featuring Spicy Maya Mochas and their new Black and Gold Latte. Their "live with passion" motto can be found in everything that they make. 1683 N. Broad Ave., (504) 582-9498,

French Truck Coffee

Last but certainly not least, French Truck Coffee is one of the most popular coffee brands that New Orleans can claim. There are several different locations around New Orleans and Metairie, but we'll focus on the one on Dryades. Not only does French Truck have fantastic coffees in store, but their bagged coffee that you can brew at home is also to die for. Their Halloween special blend aptly named Rougarou celebrates a legend while bringing a legendary taste. For takeout orders, you can't go wrong with their Iced Oji, a 12-hour Japanese cold brew that has a strong taste while remaining smooth. 4536 Dryades St., (504) 702-1900,

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