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Chef E.J. Lagasse Honored With Special Award by La Liste in Paris

07:00 November 24, 2023
By: Amelia Hervey

Chef Lagasse Receives Prestigious Award

Chef E.J. Lagasse from Emeril's in New Orleans has been awarded the esteemed "New Talent of the Year Award 2024" by La Liste, a prominent French ranking and restaurant guide. The award was presented to him during a gala dinner hosted in Paris, France.

Lagasse was the sole recipient from North America to be honored with the special award, which acknowledges the most promising chefs of the year. These special awards are selected through editorial choice, stemming from an annual exploration of gastronomic sources and data. The objective is to highlight a culinary landscape that is more inclusive, diverse, and dedicated.

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E.J. Lagasse has stated that he is "incredibly grateful to have received the 'New Talent of the Year Award' from among such an amazing group of chefs" and that the "recognition was a dream come true, and [he is] truly honored, as well as thankful for [his] dedicated team at Emeril's. This award is a testament to [their] collective passion, and [he is] so excited for what the future holds."

The List to End All Lists

Frequently termed the "ranking of rankings," La Liste is an independent restaurant ranking guide established in 2015, offering much more than just a list. The ranking methodology is founded on the belief that diverse perspectives enhance evaluation. La Liste endeavors to consolidate assessments from fine dining guides, esteemed restaurant critics, bloggers, and consumer review sites. The algorithm incorporates and assigns weights to nearly 1,100 global sources. These sources, varying by country, encompass ratings and rankings from renowned restaurant guides, opinions from international, national, and regional press, and customer rankings.

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About Chef Lagasse

E.J. Lagasse, inspired by a childhood immersed in the culinary world as the son of Chef Emeril Lagasse, developed a passion for food early on. His early years involved cooking with his father, creating an appreciation for seasonality and nature. Starting at Meril Restaurant at 13 and working at Emeril's Coastal throughout high school, he gained experience. E.J. further honed his skills at renowned establishments like Café Boulud and Le Bernardin. After culinary school, he trained globally, including at Core by Clare Smyth and Frantzén in Stockholm. In 2022, he became Chef Patron in New Orleans, leading culinary development at Emeril's. The flagship, revamped in 2023, features a refined menu blending tradition with innovation, drawing inspiration from Louisiana's diverse produce and telling a culinary story.

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